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Microsoft may launch Windows Phone 9 in 2014 without tiles and new interface inspired on Android platform

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 13, 2013

Windows Phone 8 UIEvery day something interesting happens in the mobile industry. Today a lot of attention was paid to Microsoft and its OS thanks to a fresh set of speculations regarding the next version of Windows Phone. If the rumors pan out, we will be looking at a real revolution coming next year. The source of the news is Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin who has been known for making pretty accurate predictions about the mobile industry.

Windows Phone 9 – Rumors and Speculations

MicrosoftIn a tweet, Murtazin revealed that Windows Phone 9, also known as Windows Phone Blue, will be released in the third or fourth quarter of 2014 and will bring significant changes in the way we interact with the platform.

According to Murtazin, tile-based Metro UI will be replaced by a different interface in the next iteration of the OS. Metro UI may still remain as an option to users, so no worries if you get used to them. The idea of Windows without tiles seems a bit surreal now that we all got accustomed to seeing them in smartphones and tablets. The tiled UI had its share of criticism, though, which indeed may have encouraged Microsoft to try something new.

In another tweet, Murtazin suggests that we may have to say goodbye to Windows RT. He claims that from 2014 on, both smartphones and tablets will ship with Windows Phone 9. Moreover, the system might be built from the scratch and possibly be inspired by Android platform. It all sounds intriguing; however, the piece about tablets running Windows Phone 9 feels a bit far-fetched. For one, Windows Phone was designed for phones not tablets.

Anyway, we can’t wait to see how the events unfold.

source: BGR

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