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Microsoft announces Windows 10 that will run on phones, tablets and more

ByinAnnouncements | January 21, 2015

Windows 10Today, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 that will run on all electronic devices. The company’s great unifier will operate across devices of all shapes and sizes: smartphones, small and larger 8+ inch tablets, laptops and desktops. As said on the conference, the Windows 10 operating system promises to combine all the best aspects of Windows RT and Windows Phone. Designed initially to work on ARM processors, the new Windows OS is adapting to the size class of your slate, so you won’t get the large desktop displayed on your small phone’s screen.

Windows 10 for smartphones and tablets will be offered for free to Windows Phone 8.1 users

Windows Phone 10Microsoft demonstrated today how the OS works on smaller mobile devices with displays measuring no more than 8-inch. When it comes to design, upcoming Windows 10 looks much like the well-known tile-like recent version of this OS with the main difference lying in the shift of the background image to stay behind the UI tiles. This solution results in more attractive and much clearer interface.

Another thing that has been also changed is the Settings menu and the Auction center that now are universal apps, which will operate in the same way in all version of the OS, no matter if you use the desktop or mobile one. This desktop Windows based design is said to enhance the users’ learning experience.

As for functionality, the People app will deal with your contacts enabling you to quickly start a call or create a new massage. The Outlook update will come with Tinder like swipe feature, which means that if you want to delete e-mail, you should swipe to the left, when wanting to flag it swipe to the right.

What’s more writing emails on mobile devices will be now moved to touch-optimized Word, which according to Microsoft will have all the capabilities of the app desktop version. Other than that, thanks to being compatible with Cortana, Maps app allows its future users to plan a route on computer and transfer it to the phone easier than ever.

When it comes to the Windows 10 upgrades, the Nokia Lumia 1520 is confirmed to get the update for sure, since it was the phone on which the OS demo has been presented during the conference. Furthermore, all Windows Phone 8.1 users will get a free Windows 10 update during the first year of its availability. The debut of the OS is scheduled to take place in February, when it will be made available exclusively to members of the Windows Insider Program.

source: TheVerge

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