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Will.i.am announces Puls smartwatch that don’t need a phone to make calls and send messages

ByinSmartwatches | October 16, 2014

Will.i.am Puls smartwatchAt Dreamforce 2014 tech show, Will.i.am has just unveiled his first wearable device, the Puls smartwatch. The gadget’s biggest advantage over other smartwatches is that is doesn’t need to be paired up with a phone to send text messages and make phone calls due to its built-in SIM with 3G radio technology. Furthermore, the device’ software package includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram conncectivity and a voice control system. The Puls is said to be available at AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK.

Will.i.am’s Puls Smartwatch

Will.i.am Puls smartwatchIn fact, Will.i.am claims its not a real smartwatch, but rather a smart wristband or even a smart cuff, since smartwaches don’t usually sport SIM cards, which the Puls goes with. The device’s touch screen display curves along with its body giving the device strange look of a cuff that thanks to a magnetic clip opens and closes like a claw. Sadly, all these gives the gadget rather chunky look but still it looks pretty much fashionable.

The device goes on sale equipped with 16GB of built-in storage together with speakers and a special music streaming service provides its future users with great music experience. Furthermore, every music-obsessed Puls’s users can buy a special backpack sporting additional speakers.

Going deeper into the Puls’s specs, the cuff is said to house a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 1GB RAM and a pretty powerful battery that goes round the wristband. The mentioned battery can be charged via special jacket that charges the gadget as long as it touches its sleeve. The jacket is reported to deliver two and a half day of power.

The running Android-based platform smart wristband comes with its own voice assistant called Aneeda, which is said to be another serious competitor for the Apple’s Siri. The voice control system powered by Nuance supports music control, alarms, reminders and many more equally handy features. Moreover, it also sports GPS, accelerometer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If all this isn’t still enough for you, the Puls is also a fitness-focused device that thanks to its fitness app and built-in pedometer can monitor your workout. There are also shoes that weights you and tell you have many steps you’ve taken. A future update will enable you to share your workout data between two connected Puls wristbands.

Since the Puls features 3G connectivity, it naturally has carrier partners: the AT&T on the US market and the O2 in the United Kingdom. The device is said to hit select AT&T stores sometime in the holiday season. As it comes to pricing, no specified details has been given so far, but the musician promises that Puls will be half cheaper than the off-contract iPhone 6 that goes labeled with the price tag of $649.

The Will.i.am’s Puls smartwatch will be available in three color options: black, white, pink and blue. There will be also special gold edition featuring solid gold and diamonds. Sadly, so far the availability and pricing of other Puls accessories like the charging jacket, fitness shoes and backpack with speakers aren’t known.

The Puls is the second product of the musician’s brand called i.am+ , the first one was the foto.sosho, an iPhone camera case with a special slide-out keyboard, which wasn’t a great commercial success. Perhaps the Puls will attract more customers.

source: i.am Puls

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