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Why you should not buy the YotaPhone smartphone

ByinTips & Guides | June 3, 2015

YotaPhone backdoor for FSB
As you may know, the Russian YotaPhone is famous for having a back-facing e-link screen panel supporting the main front one. However, the phone has also another, let’s say, an unique innovative feature its users won’t be definitely enthusiastic about. It is a special backdoor enabling the Russian Federal Security Service (former KGB) to spy on cell phone user. So, if you were thinking about getting one, this is surely a good reason to think twice before making a purchase decision.

Russian intelligence may have access to YotaPhone’s users private data

The most shocking part in this whole situation is the fact that the admission comes directly from Rostech, the government-sponsored company responsible for manufacturing the YotaPhone. Sergey Chemezov, the head of the corporation, claimed that the FSB (previously known as KGB) will have access to YotaPhone’s users private data thanks to a special built-in backdoor, explaining that the company cannot sell the phone in any other way since it may be used by terrorists and other criminals.

In other words, the Russian security agency officially doesn’t want terrorists to plan attacks via YotaPhone, using the international security issue as an excuse for snooping in on the civilians’ private affairs. Furthermore, reaching the climax of hypocrisy Rostech states that Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone choice among terrorists. Mr. Chemezov also said that equipping the YotaPhone in a backdoor is a necessary measure which will help the device avoid the Apple’s iPhones terrorist-prone fate.

The good thing is that the company is honest enough to openly admit equipping their phones in the spying backdoor, instead of burying its head in the sand like Apple or Google and avoid uncomfortable issues.

In response to the “spying” affair Yota PR recently denied the speculations accusing the phone of spying on its users blaming Russian media for misunderstanding Mr. Chemezov. True or not no one will ever look at the phone the same way.

When it comes to the company’s launching plans, Rostech announced expanding their YotaPhone line-up by a more affordable version of their flagship scheduled to hit the market at the beginning of 2016.

We’re living in the times when terrorism is a serious threat, that’s the harsh fact. However, on the other hand can we give an open permission for such an impudent invasion of users privacy. Has the Gorge Orwell’s “1984” vision of police state become a reality?

source: Hi-Tech

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