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Why you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone over a new one

ByinTips & Guides | August 30, 2015

Refurbished iPhones
If you are in the market for a new iPhone, you have basically three ways to get it: buy a new one or opt for used or refurbished handset. The first option doesn’t require any explaining – you go to a local or online store, choose the model you want and simply pay for it. Usually it is quite a lot of money as you must cover full retail price and as you probably know iPhones are not cheap. Buying used iPhones, on the other hand, involves a risk, since you can’t be 100% sure in what condition the device will arrive and what history it has behind. That’s why recently, a growing number of users go for refurbished phones. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a refurbished iPhone over a new one.

3 Reasons why you should buy a refurbished iPhone over a new one

Some customers associate the word “refurbished” with something negative, but there is no need to. It simply means that for some reason the phone, which may or may not have been used, was sent back to the store or manufacturer after the box was opened. Then it was thoroughly tested, repaired and reconditioned if necessary and give a second life.


Since the device is not brand new, it can’t be sold as such and for this reason, refurbished phones can be up to 30% cheaper than new. In the case of the iPhones, you will certainly feel the difference in your wallet. The newest brand new iPhone typically costs around $600 at launch plus extra $100 if you decide for a phone with extra storage. If you opt for a refurbished device, you can get it with a hefty 20-30% discount. If, additionally, you choose an older generation iPhone, you may find one for under $100.


Moreover, refurbishment of electronics is a great way to protect the environment. For starters, it reduces the amount of electronic waste because this way life cycle of devices becomes way longer. It also decreases demand for new phones which in turn helps preserve earth’s raw materials. in other words, by buying refurbished phones, you will contribute to improving our planet’s wellbeing.

Test drive

Last but not least, since refurbished phones are cheaper than new ones, they can be used as test devices of sorts. For instance, if you have been using Android phones for a while and want to try something new, a refurbished handset may be quite helpful here. The Apple’s iOS is considered as one of the best operating systems that have ever been invented, but it doesn’t automatically mean that it is right for you and you will love it. There is no sense in spending tons of money on a brand new Apple iPhone when it might bring you nothing but disappointment.

It goes without saying that there is a certain appeal to buying a brand new iPhone. First of all, you can rest assured that it hasn’t been touched by other hands than your own. And of course, there is the joy of opening the box, peeling off the protector stickers form the screen and checking out new accessories that come with a handset. Some of this excitement, however, may be dulled by the fact that the phone cost a small fortune. Luckily for all of us who don’t sleep on money, someone came up with the idea of refurbished phones, so we can be happy owners of the refurbished iPhones bought at a fraction of regular price.

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