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Why you should buy Windows Phone over Android Smartphone and Apple iPhone

ByinTips & Guides | March 11, 2014

Windows OSWhy you should choose Windows Phone than Android smartphone or Apple iPhone? Well, actually there are few solid reasons that you should. One of them is better value. Since devices running Microsoft’s OS hold third  position in mobile market share, and they are not as popular as Android or iPhones, dealers and carriers constantly slash prices on Windows phones to move the stock. In most cases Windows handsets on sale are underpriced, which means that you can get better value for your dollar if you buy a Windows phone.

Better Value

Icon Windows PhoneVery often for the same price for mid-range Android phone or out-dated iPhone you can get yourself the latest high-end Windows smartphone with larger display, faster processor and better camera. Before you make shopping decision we recommend to compare phones specs, features and hardware and forget for a moment about software running the handset.

Reliable Phones

While there are other smartphones running Windows Phone such as the Samsung Ativ or HTC 8X, the platform is mostly associated with the Nokia Lumia lineup. Nokia is the company that released the first ever mobile phone back in 1987 and has managed to immensely succeed in this field since then. Long tradition and Nokia’s high position as one of the leading smartphone makers is a guarantee that you will get exactly what you need regardless of whether you choose an entry-level phone or a truly high-end offering. Many Android enthusiasts asks today when Nokia release an Android phone?

Stand out in the Crowd

Lumia 120 Windows SmartphoneOnce in a while an Android phone maker decides to throw in additional color to the mix, but the fact is that the easiest to find are typical and pretty boring black and white devices. With the exception of the iPhone 5C, Apple doesn’t offer much in terms of colors choice either. Windows Phone devices, however, come in a dozen or so hues including yellow, orange, green, blue, violet and many more.

Assume Control

It goes without saying that Windows Phone is different than anything we have seen before. Android may have its widgets, but Live Tiles are a real revolution in terms of navigating your phone. This features allows you to pin to the start screen whichever app you choose and enjoy real-time notifications, be it the weather app, email or Facebook updates. This way you can always stay on top of what’s most important to you. It’s entirely up to you to decide which tiles are pinned to the screen. You can rearrange and resize them to make the experience the most enjoyable and comfortable.

Kids Corner

Lumia Windows PhabletSmartphones are personal devices, no doubt about that. However, sometimes you may need to share your phone with another user. If that user happens to be a kid, all sorts of problems may arise, especially if your little one is curious and learns quickly. Deleting content, installing unwanted apps or interact with your contacts are just a few examples of what may happen. Thanks to Kids Corner, you can let your child play with your phone without having to worry about any of this. It’s you who decides which apps and features your kid can use and the rest is protected by PIN.

Groups and Rooms

Windows Phone is focused on functionality in every aspect including managing your contacts. To make this task easier, Windows Phone offers Groups and Rooms. You can add up to 20 contacts to one group and pin it on the start screen. Contacts from groups will be then just one tap away whether you want to make a call, send a message or check status update. The Rooms feature is more advanced and in addition to easy reach also allows to share content such as photos, calendar entries and notes among the members of a room.

Microsoft’s Free Apps and Services

Windows Phone is the only smartphone operating system that provides free Office software right out of the box meaning that you are able to view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your smartphone without having to convert the files or look for alternative compatible apps. Microsoft services that are supported by Windows Phone include Outlook.com, SkyDrive, Skype, Xbox, OneNote, Bing Finance, News, Sports, Translator and Weather, SharePoint, Lync, Yammer and more.

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