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What you need to know about Ting and its wireless service

ByinTips & Guides | May 18, 2018

What you need to know about Ting

Ting is not a typical service provider. It was the very first one carrier to offer the pay-for-what-you-use pricing policy. In addition to convenient payment structure, Ting surprisingly provides customers with decent selection of high-end smartphones and financing options that are missing in typical prepaid operators’ offer. So, if low monthly bill is your priority and have a cool phone, be sure that Ting will help you achieve your goal.

Considering porting to Ting? Here’s everything you need to know about this wireless carrier well known for the pay-for-what-you-use plans, phones selection and financing plans.

Ting offer the pay-for-what-you-use pricing policy

Basic information

When enrolling to Ting you can choose between CDMA and GSM networks. While choosing the first option, you will rely on Sprint coverage, whereas GSM coverage is delivered by T-Mobile service provider. Although many people prefer T-Mobile service standards, everything depends on where you live or travel as there are areas where Sprint is much more reliable.

Additionally, those traveling internationally should know that Ting’s GSM phones can work overseas without any additional formalities. Meanwhile, users of CDMA devices need an international SIM unlock and some setting changes for use outside the States. In both cases, Ting will charge you extra, however, rates will vary dependently on the country you intent to travel to.

Note that with Ting you’re not signing up for any specific plan. You simply pay for different packages of services as you go, which reset at the end of each month.

Phone Selection

Ting online list of offerings is pretty restricted and includes about 20 devices. The carrier offers full support for iPhones which seem to be devices Ting puts the biggest focus on. The iconic Apple iPhones are available in two variants CDMA and GSM. If iOS isn’t your favorite software, Ting also sells a several cool Android smartphones, including LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

More budget-conscious buyers aren’t neglected either, as they can choose among some strong mid-range options, like the Moto G5 Plus. In addition, if you looking for a cheap replacement device for communication purposes, Ting offers the Alcatel OneTouch Fling flip phone for just $20.

Interestingly enough, Ting is one of a  very few MVNOs that deliver financing plans on sold devices. Qualified users can pay the new phone off over 2 years while benefiting from 0 percent APR. In addition, if you’re completely satisfied with your existing smartphone, you can also bring it to Ting. The provider has a smart compatibility checker. Simply enter the MEID or IMEI number of you handset and see whether it’s supported.

Ting’s best plans

Ting isn’t offering plans, it rather provides postpaid service whose subscribers are charged for the amount of service they use each month plus a $6 service fee for each line. In other words, instead of enrolling for a plan you simply pay for different packages of service that reset at the end of the month. To check savings you can use the company’s online calculator.

Ting subscribers are charged for the amount of service they use each month
Let’s say that you’re a chatter-box who need 500 minutes of talk time, 100 text and consume 2GB of data. Your monthly bill will be $38, including access fee. In case you need no data allotment, for just $12 per month (including access fee- naturally) you can benefit from 100 minutes of talk time and 100 text messages. And if for some reason you don’t use one of the chosen tier of services, for instance you won’t send a single text, you won’t be charged for the package of texts.

Furthermore, if you have a really tough month and your budget suffers you can set ceilings for the packages of each category. Once you reach the set limit, Ting will either send you an alert or introduce more drastic measure and cut off that element of your service for the rest of the billing period. What’s more, Ting also gives a 5 percent allowance, so for example if you just send five texts out of the 100 package, you won’t be also charged for the service.

Ting’s special features

When porting to Ting, the company will return you 25 percent of costs associated with leaving your current service provides, which still is pretty much a rarity when it comes to low-cost operators. No matter if that’s an early termination fee or the remaining balance on the handset. You can score up to $75 in a form of credit on your account. It certainly isn’t much as most major carrier will pay you hundreds of dollars in credits to cover the cost of switching.

Another feature worth emphasizing is that Ting provides its users with international calling and roaming. Sadly, those features are usually ignored by other discount carriers.

As for families, they can add extra lines for $6 per line and benefit from pooling the tiers of services. That’s surely a lower access fee than at Consumer Cellular where you will be charged $10 per line, but slightly more expensive than the $5 fee at FreedomPop family plans.

Going further, Ting’s referral plan also deserves attention here. If you’re a person that people often ask for a tech advice, you can offer a $25 credit on switching to Ting to your friends or family members and earn $50 credit for the first person who signs up and $25 for any other sign-ups. In addition, when joining Ting, you will receive an extra SIM card, you can present to someone interested in testing the service.

Before switching better check Sprint and T-Mobile coverage in your area

Consumers’ Feedback

As usual with service providers, opinions concerning Ting are diverse. Some customer  praise the company for savings, other criticize for poor coverage. So before switching you’d better check Sprint and T-Mobile coverage in your area and compare which option is better for you. Another quite common complain concerns larger than expected bills after month of intensive usage. But remember that Ting has special tools (alerts and limits) that can help you prevent this problem. If you like figures, BestCompany grants Ting with 5.3 point out of 10, for comparison T-Mobile which is the ranking’s number one carrier scores 6.9.


The good thing about Ting is that it offers some of the advantages of a larger carrier. You can benefit from device payment plans, cancellation fee, reimbursement and selection of the latest flagships. Plus, it allows you to lower monthly bills significantly by paying for exactly for what you use. But note that switching fee refunds are noticeably smaller than at any big carrier and the selection of phones covers only 20 models. So it’s better to buy a phone somewhere else and bring your own device to the carrier.

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