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What to expect from the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 7, 2017


Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 landed on the store shelves in early 2017, it should not come as a big surprise that the rumor mill has already started processing detail related to the Galaxy S9. Truth to be told the Samsung’s upcoming flagship is one of the most frequently rumored devices of the last weeks. Knowing how many emotions the Galaxy S9 evokes in all mobile buffs we’ve tried to systematize information to give you the best possible hints so as to what we can expect from the handset.

The Galaxy S9 will be waterproof

If to believe recent rumors the Galaxy S9 will speak the well-known S8’s design language featuring beautiful Infinity Display with even smaller bezels and work on Qualcomm’s newest processor.

Months after its debut, the Galaxy S8 still impresses us with one of the most attractive designs. It doesn’t only packs the stunning Quad HD AMOLED Infinity Display, but also provides us with excellent photos and enjoyable performance. All these makes the Galaxy S8 one of the most sophisticated smartphones. No wonder then that our expectations concerning its successor are so huge. Even though the phone won’t probably be as a significant upgrade as the S8 was from the S7, it will certainly be one of the hottest phones of the next year. We all want to know how the device will look like and what innovative features it will offer. Here’s everything we know about the fervently awaited Galaxy S9.


Don’t expect to many changes in terms of the external design. If to believe a source close to Samsung, the Galaxy S9 will speak a pretty much identical design language as the S8. As always with Galaxy S line, this time also the handset will be available in two sizes: 5.8 and 6.2-inch. Both models will share almost the same specs, including the beautifully curved Infinity Display. Just as this year’s model, the Galaxy S9 will most probably employ the same metal frame and a glass back. However, on the other hand there are some voices suggesting that it may just as well debut with a modular design with magnets on the back allowing to attach additional hardware similar to Moto Mods solution.

Speaking of the Infinity Display, Samsung has ambitious plans to make it even more impressive. Wondering how? They simply want to reduce the already almost invisible bezels. The screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy S8 Plus amounts to 84 percent, while in the Galaxy S9 Plus it is supposed to account for 90-percent. Perhaps a six-percent increase doesn’t sound impressive on paper, but in practice it may result in a nonexistent bottom bezel and an incredibly thin top bezel, which should be even smaller than the chin bezel of the S8.

Galaxy S9 will feature dual-camera setup

Dual-camera setup

Mobile industry got crazy with dual-camera setup. Conscious of that Samsung won’t allow its upcoming flagships to lack that feature. However, dual camera system will be reserved only to the bigger version of the S9. The standard model will retain the traditional single camera. Even though we don’t think that the smaller Galaxy S8 will produce images of a lesser quality, such a disparity between a smaller and larger models is something new for Samsung.

3D sensor front camera

Except for a dual camera setup, Samsung also plans to upgrade the series by adding a new security feature called 3D sensor front camera. Even though they don’t explain what exactly they mean by that, we can assume that it may be a solution similar to the iPhone X’s Face ID system, allowing the handset’s users to use facial recognition to unlock the phone. The 3D part may imply that just like the Apple’s iPhone, the S9 won’t be fooled by a photo.

3.5 mm headphone jack

Recently we observed a trend of removing the 3.5 mm headphone jack from most notable flagships. The lack of the port is considered one of the biggest shortages of the handsets from Apple, Google, Motorola and HTC. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about this with the Galaxy S9. Sources quoted by many phone industry concerned websites confirm that both devices of the line will keep the headphone jack. This information is in line with a leaked case render of the handset that presents a section for the coveted port.

512GB of storage

Yesterday, Dec 5th, Samsung shared a news that they had already started mass production of the mobile industry’s first 512GB chips. Although the company didn’t directly confirmed that, the Galaxy S9 might be the first phone to come with 512GB of storage. Maybe with the S9 series Samsung is going to resign from the microSD card slot like it did in 2015 while releasing the Galaxy S6?

Samsung and Qualcomm new mobile chip

Snapdragon 845 chip

Furthermore, rumor has it that Samsung and Qualcomm have also begun working on a new mobile chip. Called Snapdragon 845 the new unit will be a successor to the Snapdragon 835 found in selected variants of the Galaxy S8. Just as in the case of the Galaxy S8, the Qualcomm’s chip will power not every S9 phone. There will be also versions of the Galaxy S9 running on the Exynos processor.

The freshly unveiled Exynos 9810 will be most probably used in the S9 handsets targeting markets other than the States. It comes with an integrated LTE model which is said to support download speeds of 1.2Gbps. Faster than any other phone, the Galaxy S9 will allow you to download a HD-quality movie in just 10 seconds. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

When it comes to RAM, the standard Galaxy S9 will pack 4GB RAM, whereas the Plus variant is likely to offer 6GB RAM.

Premiere and pricing

Samsung usually introduces the latest Galaxy S devices at CES, but this year the company is going to change that launching cycle. Instead of unveiling the Galaxy S9 in January, Samsung wants to announce its latest flagship in March 2018 that at least what the company’s spokesperson claims. As for pricing, the Galaxy S9 will surely be a pricy gadget. Based on current projection, the phone prices will start at $725. Since we don’t expect any significant design changes, the price shouldn’t rise too high and be similar to the one of the S8 series.

source: Android Central

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