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What are smartphones?

What are smartphones

What you need to know:

Smartphones are cell phones with specific operating systems that allow users to utilize personal digital assistant – PDA.

PDA includes extra features such as syncing with your computer, viewing office documents, establishing internet connection, sending/receiving emails, and managing personal organizer, including an enhanced address book, calendar, to-do list, and much more. Smartphones offer the most available premium features in one handset.

Any phone offering the same features as a smartphone but having a different operating system than listed below will be only a multimedia phone. Handset’s operating system separates smartphones from cell phones.

The most popular smartphone operating systems:

Android platform with can be found in variety brands such as: HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG.

Blackberry operating system in all RIM Blackberry devices.

iPhone operating system in all iPhones.

Palm operating system in all Treo’s and Palms.

Symbian operating system in Nokia Phones.

Windows Mobile in variety brands such as: Motorola, Samsung, Treo, HTC.

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