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What are Hybrid phones?

What are Hybrid phones

Hybrid cell phones are specific types of handsets which operate on Sprint CDMA network and Nextel iDEN frequencies. After the merger of these two service providers, Sprint and Nextel, which are based on two different technologies, Sprint released a new type of phone called a Hybrid, which performs on combination of these two technologies. Hybrid phones allow you to use the Sprint network for voice and data, and the Nextel network for Walkie-Takie services.

Although the hybrid phones use SIM cards, they still need to be activated by Sprint. Swapping the SIM card from your old Nextel phone won’t be sufficient in order to make phone calls or use push-to-talk walkie-talkie. Your phone will still be inactive. If you are a Nextel customer and you are planning to obtain a Hybrid phone you will need to contact Sprint customer service, update your plan,  then activate your new device.

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