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Virgin Mobile to offer iPhones only and $1 pre-paid plan

ByinSales & Special Offers | June 21, 2017

Virgin Mobile to offer iPhones only and $1 pre-paid plan
There are many opinions that there’s iPhone and there’s everything else. If you do share this view then you will surely be glad to know that Virgin Mobile announced today a brand new deal for all iPhone buffs. Those looking for a great bargain on the iPhone will be soon able to buy the Apple’s handsets along with an unlimited plan for as little as $1 per month.

Starting June 27 Virgin Mobile will offer only iPhones

No more Android or Windows Phones. Starting June 27th Virgin Mobile will offer only iPhones. Except for that the carrier also announced a new discount on the Inner Circle plan lowering its price to $1 per month.

The iPhone continues to be one of the most wanted gadgets of all time. There’s no mobile user who won’t appreciate the device’s iconic design and powerful specs. Conscious of the unabated market interest in iPhones, Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile in partnership with Apple released a new promotion covering its $50 Inner Circle plan.

Earlier today the carrier shared a news that on June 27th they will sell only iPhones. The program will last to the end of July and combine with the provider’s Inner Circle plan. In the time of the promotion, you can be able to take advantage of the unlimited pre-paid plan for just $1 per month.

But note that the discount applies only for the first year on the plan. After that period it will cost $50 per month, including mandatory AutoPay. Wondering what are the limits of this theoretically unlimited plan?

Well, some forms of data are said to be “mobile-optimized”. This means that the video streaming speeds won’t go beyond 480p resolution. Meanwhile, music streaming is restricted to 500 kilobits per second, while Cloud gaming is capped at 2 megabits per second. Like in the case of many similar offers, Virgin Mobile reserves itself the right to throttle your speed in times of high network congestion after you reach the monthly limit of 23GB. Another thing is that the carrier’s subscribers may lose service if off-network roaming exceeds 800 voice minutes or 100 MB.

If your relatives live in Canada or Mexico, you can call them as many times as you wish for if you pay extra $5 per month. Except for unlimited talk to these two countries, you will also get unlimited global texting. For $5 more you will get unlimited global texting and calls to Canada and Mexico, and unlimited landline calls to over 70 countries and 200 voice minutes to chosen cell phones in over 50 countries. In addition to all these subscribers  who sign up for the Inner Circle plan can also benefit from various Virgin-related promos like a bonus Virgin Atlantic ticket if you book a round-trip to the UK or free one-night stand in one of the Virgin’s hotels.

Another thing is that in order to enroll for $1 service plan, you need to buy an iPhone. iPhone prices start at $279 for the 32GB iPhone SE and end at $969.99 in the case of the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. If you order the device today, it will ship to you on June 27.

source: Virgin Mobile

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