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Verizon’s Edge Plan for early upgrade now includes Android Tablets and Apple’s iPads

ByinAnnouncements | July 15, 2014

Upgrade Faster Verizon EdgeBack in the day when smartphones were still in their infancy and no one even dreamt of such entity as a tablet, two-year service agreements weren’t that much of a nuisance. By the time a new version of a phone was available, the required period of two years was almost up. That was a while ago; now a two-year-old smartphone or tablet is considered ancient. That’s why US carriers started offering their customers an option of early upgrade. Up until recently Verizon Edge plan for early upgrade was available only for smartphone owners. Now it also includes Android tablets and Apple’s iPads.

Verizon’s Early Upgrade Edge Plan

Verizon Tablets with EDGE PlanVerizon Edge program is an installment plan which allows customers to spread the payment for a device of their choosing over a longer period of time. Instead of paying full retail price at checkout or jumping on contract, users can pay off the device in 20 monthly installments. With the changes that Verizon introduced on Monday, users can become eligible for upgrade as soon as 30 days after buying the tablet. A new tablet can be picked up with no extra fees only on the condition that the current one is paid off in at least 60%.

Recently, Verizon’s selection of tablets has improved greatly. The latest addition to the carrier’s portfolio is the Sony Xperia Z2 that can be had for $29.99 per month with Verizon Edge, which works out to $599.99 outright, or for $499.99 with a two-year contract. Verizon’s offer also includes such hits as the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro ($42.49 per month), Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition ($34.99 per month), iPad Air ($31.49 per month), or iPad Mini with Retina display ($26.49 per month). If your budget is on a tight side, you can pick up the Verizon Ellipsis 7 for as little as $12.49 per month.

While early upgrade may not appeal to everyone, it seems like a great alternative for users who like to be on top of the game. Verizon’s new early upgrade option puts new devices within arm’s reach literally as they roll out, so no more waiting for months for the carrier to allow you to upgrade your tablet, or paying fees if you can’t muster enough patience.

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