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Verizon Wireless offering 2GB of extra data for new and existing customers

ByinSales & Special Offers | December 3, 2015

Holiday season is a time when all of us enjoy shopping mood and become more prone to bargains. No wonder then that carriers use this time to win masses of new customers while lavishing us with hard to resist deals. Verizon is no exception here. Playing Santa the carrier announces a new promo that will reward both new and existing XL or XXL plans subscribers. The new deal promises 2GB of extra data monthly for life for each line.

Verizon’s holiday offer gives free 2GB data for life

Verizon Wireless Special Offer
Today Version Wireless introduced its new promo covering both the existing and new customers benefiting from either XL or XXL service plan. Costing $80 and more pricey plans offering 12GB and more data per month you need to sign up to benefit from the free data are the only catch here.

The 2GB data bonus is added to each line of the customer’s account and is shareable among smartphones and tablets. In practice it means that for instance a family of four using XL or XXL plan will be granted with the upgrade of 8GB of extra data with no additional costs.

What’s more the upgrade doesn’t expire after one month as it happened in the case of previous similar data gifts offered by Verizon and as all these wasn’t enough it additionally combines with other offers from the carrier including trade-in programs.

However the promo won’t be waiting for you forever since it lasts only until January 6th. This great data bonus will surely helped all those of you who have been thinking of switching to Verizon’s XL plan to make a final decision.

The holiday season carriers’ rivalry to win the biggest number of new customers and keep those existing ones is extremely fierce this year. Verizon gives free 2GB data upgrades, Sprint reactivates its half-price wireless deal ensuring that they will cut your phone bill down by half if you port to them. Whereas T-Mobile is offering a 128GB iPhone 6S at the price of the phone’s 16GB model for all AT&T customers who transfer and promises streaming video apps like Netflix and HBO have no impact on your data plan within the BingeOn program. And this is just a tip of the iceberg of promos we will be tempted to take advantage of this month.

source: Verizon

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