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Verizon offers $10 discounts to most data plans, sets a handful of new data tiers, and $25 Edge discount

ByinAnnouncements | February 5, 2015

Verizon A couple of weeks ago T-Mobile launched new affordable plans. You know what it means for other carriers, right? That there is a significant number of customers who will want to try T-Mobile’s new offer. In such case there is only one way to respond if other networks want to keep their subscribers from wandering away and it is to refresh their own plans. That’s exactly what Verizon Wireless is doing right now – the carrier will offer $10 discounts to most data plans, a handful of new data tiers to choose from, and the $25 Edge discount.

Verizon discounts most of its data plans

Verizon Discount Starting today, users who are on the lowest data allowance that cost from $40 to $60 per month will get an additional 1GB of data for the same price. Or, if you look at it the other way round, you could say that the price drops by $10 meaning that a $40 plan now comes with 2GB of data, while plans priced at $50 and $60 include 3GB and 4GB of data, respectively.

Moreover, Verizon introduced as many as four new tiers. The cheapest of the new additions will land you 6GB of data for $70 per month. More data-hungry users can choose 12GB, 14GB, or 16GB option which cost $110, $120 and $130 per month, respectively.

Last but not least, Big Red lower data tier which qualifies for a $25 discount on adding a new smartphone to Verizon Edge. Previously, this discount was available only to users who were on 10GB and above plans; now, the new 6GB plan is eligible for the discount as well. This part of the promotion appears to be limited-time offer; however, Verizon doesn’t disclose when it expires.

Will the changes score Verizon new subscribers? It remains to be seen, but we dare to say that chances are pretty high. And all this thanks to T-Mobile. Even if you are not a big fan of the Magenta network, you have to admit that its aggressive politics heavily influences other carriers and forces them to adjust to new reality. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

source: Verizon

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