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Verizon offers up to $650 if you’re willing to ditch your old carrier

ByinAnnouncements | December 29, 2015

Switch to Verizon and receive up to $650
It’s not a secret that customers are carriers’ most valuable asset. Networks have been fighting over subscribers for as long as mobile service exists, but even since T-Mobile began its UnCarrier initiative, the battle has moved to a whole new level. It’s no longer enough to throw in a few minutes or some data to encourage users to switch networks. Now customers need stronger incentive and Verizon seems to have found one. The carrier now offers up to $650 if you’re willing to ditch your old provider.

Verizon will buy out your contract and cover early termination fees

Change wrong network and receive up to $650 from Verizon
To stay in holiday spirit, Verizon compares other carriers’ offers to a “not-so-cool holiday sweater.” However, unlike a sweater which you can bury deep under a pile of comfortable clothes with no consequences the moment holidays are over, you can’t just walk away from your commitment to a carrier. Starting today, though, Verizon will make it easier by covering a large portion of the costs that arise when switching carriers. To be more precise, Big Red will give you up to $650 per line on a prepaid card for the installment plan balance less the device trade-in value or up to a $350 prepaid card for early termination fees less the device trade-in value.

Of course, the carrier will ask for something in return starting with at least six months of your loyalty. In other words, you will have to keep your account active for no less than six months in order to qualify for the deal. You will also need to buy a 4G LTE smartphone and, as you might have already figured that out, trade in your old phone. Needless to say, the device should be in a working condition and worth more than $0.

Moreover, if you choose Verizon XL or XXL plan, the carrier will throw in one more gift in the form of 2GB of data added to your plan. Keep in mind that it’s not a one-time bonus – free data will be added to your regular allotment each month for as long as your device is active on the plan. How cool is that?

It’s not the first promotion of such kind we have seen. Every once in a while carriers offer to cover the costs of switching networks in order to woo new customers. When it comes to Verizon, though, it’s one of the best deals the network has announced recently. The carrier doesn’t say whether it’s a permanent offer or it will expire one day. That said, if you were thinking of becoming a Verizon customer, now would be a good time to do so.

source: Verizon

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