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Verizon is modifying Edge upgrade plan and its More Everything plans

ByinAnnouncements | October 16, 2014

Edge Plan In order to keep up with rapidly changing demands of the market, carriers need to alter their plans and programs every now and then. The wind of change is now blowing through Verizon Wireless as the network is modifying Edge upgrade plan and its More Everything plans. It’s not the kind of change that all customers will welcome with open arms, though. Some, however, will be very happy.

Verizon’s Edge and More Everything Plans – What’s new.

More Everything PlansAs far as Verizon Edge Plan is concerned, the carrier increased the number of payments for a phone from 20 to 24 months. It means that you will pay off your phone over two full years like a standard contract. One the plus side, monthly payments will be lower as they will be distributed over a longer period of time.

Moreover, in order to qualify for early upgrade, you now have to pay off at least 75% of your current phone instead of 60%. Previously, Big Red customers could qualify for upgrade after 12 months. The requirement of 75% extends the period to 18 months. Finally, Verizon increased the per-line discount from $10 to $15 for customers with 500MB to 8GB plans. The change doesn’t affect plans above 8GB which will still receive $25 discount.

As for More Everything Plan, the carrier introduced a new option that costs $20 per month and includes unlimited talk and text, and 500MB of data to share. The $60 plan gets you 1GB of data plus unlimited talk and text, while the $75 plan offers 2GB of data in addition to unlimited talk and text. All three plans charge $15 overage for 250MB, 500MB or 1GB that exceeds your data cap in the $20, $60 and $75 plans, respectively. All the plans qualify for the $15 per-line discount.

At first glance Verizon’s modifications don’t sound too good. It all depends on what you actually need, though. If you priority is to upgrade to a new phone as early as possible, then you probably won’t be very happy with the changes. However, if you prefer to pay lower monthly installments and don’t mind sticking with one phone for longer, then Verizon has just done you a huge favor.

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