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Verizon iPhone 5 now $100 cheaper for owners of basic phones ready for upgrade

ByinSales & Special Offers | May 18, 2013

Verizon WirelessWant to grab Apple’s latest offering for a half of its regular price? Verizon just confirmed its special promotion which cuts the price of the iPhone 5 to $99.99 on contract. However, only select customers will be able to take advantage of the deal. You can get the iPhone at discounted price, if you are a Verizon customer ready for upgrade and you must be an owner of a regular basic phone. A little confused? Here is the explanation.

How to get the Verizon iPhone 5 at half price.

Verizon iPhone 5To be clear, Verizon itself will decide which customers will be eligible for such the upgrade. The lucky ones will receive invitation to the offer via email, so pay attention on your inbox and junk folder.

Unfortunately, detailed guidelines and other criteria that customers will have to meet are unavailable at this moment. Also, the promotion does not seem to be marketed in any way and no further information can be found on the carrier’s website. What we know is the the time-frame and that the deal will expire on June 30.

Worth to mention is that we saw indicating that Verizon is cooking up some surprise was when the iPhone 5 price was temporarily changed to $99.99 the other day. After a short period of time it went back to its regular price level making us wonder if it might have been nothing more than a glitch.

While talking to Gotta Be Mobile, the carrier confirmed that such promotion indeed exists but did not provide any more details except for those we mentioned above. With rumored imminent release of next generation iPhone, chances are that we will be seeing similar deals and price cuts more often.

Has anyone got email already?

more info: Verizon via Gotta Be Mobile

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