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Verizon increases data allowance included in prepaid smartphone plans

ByinAnnouncements | May 20, 2013

VerizonFollowing rapid technological changes on smartphone market, more and more customers realize that 2-year contracts with one carrier are a relatively long period. Seeking an alternative, in many cases, customers switch from post-paid to prepaid services. Also, prepaid service is a great option if you are on a tight budget, as it usually allows for more control over your phone expenses. However, there is one aspect that may discourage potential prepaid customers and it is limited high-speed data. With this in mind, Verizon introduced interesting changes in its prepaid plans.

More data on Verizon prepaid plans.

Choose Verizon Prepaid PlanLast Thursday Verizon Wireless announced an increase data allowance included in current prepaid smartphone plans. The $60 per month plan now offers 2 GB of data in addition to unlimited talk and text. It is a very generous upgrade from the 500 MB available previously.

Customers on the $70 per month plan also have a reason to be happy about. Verizon increased the data from 2 GB to 4 GB together with unlimited talk and messaging. The new data allowance is already available to all current subscribers. New customers will have access to the new data cap starting June 6.

Good to know that you will not be required to purchase a new phone to take advantage of the prepaid plans. You can activate your old phone or use your current device. Of course, if you want a new phone, Verizon has a number of handsets for you to grab and use with one of the prepaid plans with no contract.

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