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Verizon adds more data to its prepaid plans, what you need to know before you sign up

ByinAnnouncements | February 4, 2016

Verizon boosts prepaid smartphone data plans
In today’s world dominated by the internet, most smartphone users value data way more than minutes and texts. After all, that’s what smartphone are for – to provide easy access to the internet on the go. For this reason, data is probably the most common incentive used by carriers to woo new customers. The latest example is Verizon Wireless which just added more data to its prepaid plans. Here’s what you need to know before you sign up.

Verizon refreshed its prepaid plans and thanks to the changes customers will now get more data

Verizon adds more data to its prepaid plans
Starting today, Verizon’s $45 and $60 plans will come with 2GB and 5GB of data, respectively. It’s a petty generous increase considering that old plans offered 1GB and 3GB for $45 and $60, respectively. That’s not all. You can score 1GB of data per month extra, if you sign up for Auto Pay, so you will get in total 3GB or 6GB of data for the same old price of $45 or $60, respectively. Both plans include unlimited talk and text in the US and unlimited texting to Canada and Mexico. For comparison, T-Mobile’s cheapest prepaid plan costs $50 and comes with 2GB of data.

If you are on a really tight budget, you can also opt for Verizon’s $30 plan. Don’t forget, though, that while this plan also offers unlimited talk and text, it doesn’t include any data. This means that you would have to rely on Wi-Fi for any internet connection. Still, it’s not a bad option if you have access to Wi-Fi in places where you spend most of your time.

If you are still not convinced, keep in mind that Verizon’s prepaid plans use exactly the same service as the rest of the plans, so you will have access to the same LTE coverage across the US. Moreover, there’s no activation fee or credit check when you sign up for a prepaid plan on Verizon.

Now that contracts are gone, prepaid plans are a great alternative to monthly installment plans which still tie you to a carrier for the duration of the plan. By choosing a prepaid plan, though, you are completely free to leave whenever you wish. One of the downsides of this option is that smartphones offered with prepaid plans usually belong to mid or low end. However, keep in mind that all Verizon phones will work with its prepaid plans, so if you already have a Verizon device, you can use it with a plan of your choice and enjoy more data.

source: Verizon

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