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US Cellular announces that will soon start selling iPhones and iPads

ByinAnnouncements | May 6, 2013

iPhones and iPadsYou know what they say – better late than never. Luckily for US Cellular customers, the carrier is taking this saying seriously and has announced that will soon start selling Apple devices. This will put the fifth largest US carrier on the list of mobile networks offering iPhones, right after Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket and Straight Talk. The news came via press release, so it is as official as it can be.

Apple products coming to US Cellular

Apple iPhones 5As CEO Mary Villon revealed, US Cellular had the opportunity to add iPhones to its portfolio about a year and a half ago but did not take up the offer back then. Apparently, the main reason was that the devices were too expensive. Besides, 18 months ago the carrier could not offer 4G LTE connectivity, meaning that users would be not able to take full advantage of the iPhone 5 possibilities. So why the sudden change of heart? The explanation is pretty simple. The carrier is losing customers and by adding Apple devices to its portfolio is hoping to score new subscribers.

The press release did not mention, even approximately, when Apple products will be available for purchase on US Cellular. Neither did it specify the products themselves. For customers with less money to spare the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S would be a far better option than the more expensive iPhone 5. Also, pay attention to the term “devices” used in the announcement. It suggests that iPhones will not be the only products carried by US Cellular. In other words, it is possible that Wi-Fi + cellular enabled iPads will find their way to the carrier too.

source: AP

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One Response to “US Cellular announces that will soon start selling iPhones and iPads”

  1. Finally! It’s about time. I’ve been a US Cellular customer for about 15 years and don’t want to switch. I am highly bothered that they basically only sell Android smartphones. I want options! I’ve had three Android phones and absolutely detest them. I was a bigger fan of the old Windows CE than I am of what US Cellular offers now. Whenever I’ve used friend’s iPhones I’ve been pleased with the handling and OS. Now maybe I can get one too.

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