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US Cellular and Boost Mobile to launch iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on November 8

ByinAnnouncements | October 21, 2013

US Cellular iPhone 5S coming soonEarlier this month we reported that Boost Mobile finally might start selling iPhones, and not just any iPhones, but the latest offerings from Apple, the iPhone 5S and 5C. The news was based on a Tweek coming from @evleaks that included two adds for the phones and at that time was verified neither by Boost Mobile, nor by Apple. If you were wondering if the info was legit, we can tell you that it is. The carrier has confirmed that both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be available for purchase starting November 8th.

iPhone 5S / 5C for Boost Mobile and US Cellular

iPhone 5SBoost Mobile is not the only carrier that will launch the iPhone 5S and 5C on November 8th. That day Apple’s latest flagship smartphone as well as the most colorful iPhone, will arrive also on US Cellular. The carrier has launched product page for both iPhones on its website, but for the moment is keeping silent on pricing. However, we have no reason to suspect that prices will differ much from what other carriers are asking for the devices.

The iPhone 5S and 5C have been release simultaneously by US major carriers, that is AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, in September. Since then, the phones have begun showing up on smaller regional carriers. The cheaper iPhone 5C is available on the spot. Stocks of the high-end iPhone 5S, on the other hand, appear to be running low. It looks like the demand is higher than supply at the moment, so whatever carrier you choose, you may need to wait a bit to get your hands on the handset.

Both iPhones already have their own page on Boost Mobile and US Cellular website. Pricing, however, is yet to be announced.

source: US Cellular / Boost Mobile

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