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Upgraded Moto G 2nd gen with 4G LTE and bigger battery spotted on Motorola’s Brazilian website

ByinLeaks & Rumors | December 30, 2014

New Moto GIf to believe the Motorola’s Brazilian website, the company may have plans to expand its bottom end list of offerings. According to the website, the upgraded version of the 2nd gen Moto G is likely to debut soon. The upgraded smartphone will house fast 4G LTE connectivity and slightly bigger battery. If you feel like the newest version of well-known Moto G may interest you, let’s check what’s the difference between these two models.

Motorola is gearing up to launch upgraded Moto G 2nd gen smartphone

Moto G 2nd EditionLaunched internationally earlier this year the original Moto G phone hit the market with a 3G connectivity, which was a great disappointment for all those searching for a capable and affordable Android-based smartphone.

The good thing is that the manufacturer seems to notice the mistake they made and put all their efforts to atone for their neglect through releasing upgraded LTE-capable version of the Moto G 2nd Gen. But, the faster connectivity isn’t the only improvement the new phone is offering their future users. The handset goes on sale equipped with a beefier 2,390 mAh battery. In comparison, the original 3G model sports 2,070mAh one.

This move isn’t a completely new policy. Earlier the company made the same thing with the 1st Gen Moto G when they released the phone’s LTE-capable upgraded version. In other words, it was just a matter of time to see the revamped model of the 2nd Generation Moto G with 4G LTE. So frankly speaking, no big surprise here.

Summing up, the quite impressing lower end alternative to the Moto X phone has already masses of staunch fans, however the LTE upgrade will definitely bring the phone even larger popularity. Though it is worth noticing that the manufacturer hasn’t made any official announcement concerning the phone release details. We don’t know whether it will be a Brazilian-only product, or it will be available worldwide. Furthermore, Brazil always receive devices targeting specifically at this particular region, which means that if the new Moto G will hit any other market we may except it to vary a little.

The 2nd Gen Moto G is currently available in the US only in its 8GB version, for something round $150 without contract. But, we may be pretty sure that if its LTE version will eventually hit the local market it will come with a 16GB of internal storage, just like the Brazilian model. So far, sadly, Motorola keeps mum about the new Moto G pricing. What’s more the side on which the new phone is advertised doesn’t even give their customer the chance to buy the phone in pre-order.

source: Motorola

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