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You can now sign up to 6 lines on a T-Mobile Family Plan

ByinAnnouncements | August 19, 2014

T-MobileIf there is one thing we can say about T-Mobile, is that the carrier takes good care of its customers, both individual and families. True to their name, Simple Choice plans are pretty straightforward and easy to purchase; moreover, they are quite frequently refreshed. And speaking of refreshing, the multi-line plan for families has just received an upgrade. As expected, you can now sign up to 6 lines on a T-Mobile Family Plan.

T-Mobile added more lines to its Family Plan

T-MobileWe first heard that T-Mobile was possibly exploring the idea of adding more lines to its Family Plan back in July and it turns out that it was more than just a rumor. On August 17th T-Mobile added an option to purchase one more line on its Simple Choice Family plan, which makes it a total of six lines. The conditions and payments remain the same as they were for the old 5-line plan. That means that the first line costs $50 per month, the second will set you back $30 per month, while for the rest of the lines (3-6) you will pay $10 per month.

Each line includes unlimited talk and text and up to 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data. When you hit the cap, the speeds are reduced; however, there are no overage fees. Keep in mind, though, that 2.5 GB of data is available only through 2015. Come the second day of January 2016, data will automatically revert to up to 1 GB of full speed data per line. Users also get unlimited data and text in over 120 countries and destinations.

The leaked memo which mentioned the 6th line also claimed that customers would be able to add more lines (7-10) to the plan and they would cost $20 each, but that part failed to materialize so far. There is no word on whether folks at T-Mobile decided to offer more lines at a later date, or changed their mind about a 10-line plan altogether. There is also another possible explanation – lines 7-10 could be qualifying lines offered only to a certain group of well-paying and high credit-scoring customers and hence not available for purchase through the usual channels. Whatever the case, as soon as we learn more about the issue, we will let you know immediately.

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