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Unlocked Oppo N1 in white is now for sale in US priced at $599 for 16GB model and $649 for 32GB

ByinPhones Without Contract | December 10, 2013

Oppo N1 CameraLast week we reported that the Oppo N1 would be available in the US and Europe starting December 10th and here it is. The Oppo N1 is now for sale in all its greatness and uniqueness. As expected the phone is priced at $599 for the 16 GB model and $649 for the 32 GB variant, which would be €449 and €479, respectively, if you are located in Europe. You can grab the device directly from Oppo website. The N1 is sold unlocked so you will be able to pair it with the carrier of your choice such as AT&T or T-Mobile.

Oppo N1 Phone – Why is so unique.

Oppo N1 UnlockedThe Oppo N1 is the company’s first attempt at high-end league, and quite successful we might add. At first glance, the N1 looks just like any other big-screen phone, but comes with a few features that make it stand out form the rest of the phablets.

First of all, the handset’s 13-megapixel camera can be rotated 206 degrees allowing it to serve as a high-res front-facing camera. At the moment, the N1 ships with Oppo’s own Color OS but will support CyanogenMod as it becomes available.

As far as the rest of the specs are concerned, the smartphone is on par with other phablets. The device packs a 5.9-inch display with 1080p resolution, a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2 GB of RAM and a massive 3,610 mAh battery.

On the back of the phone you can find O-Touch Panel which can be used for scrolling, tapping or snapping photos. Connectivity features include HSPA+ support up to 42Mbps, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-fi Direct. If you insisted on finding any weak spots, that would be the lack of LTE support.

The phone is offered currently in white color option only.

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