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Troubles with OnePlus One: Yellow display issues and expensive shipping charge for fix or warranty process

ByinAnnouncements | July 18, 2014

OnePlus yellow screenLeaving the company in 2013, Oppo vice president Peter Lau said that OnePlus One would be smartphone of his dreams. Many users and experts voiced their skepticism, but nevertheless the device has gained much publicity mostly dues to its high-end hardware, premium design and budget-friendly price. In theory all sounds great; in practice, however, the OnePlus One appears to cause quite a few problems, the biggest of which is yellow-tinted display and expensive shipping charge for fix or warranty process.

Troubles with OnePlus One Smartphone

OnePlus One yellow troubleThe OnePlus One hit the market priced at $299 without a contract. It was pretty unusual for a device with such high-end traits. Unfortunately, the saying that “you get what you pay for” turned out to be painfully true in this case. What users got was a yellow screen on the bottom and that was only the peak of the iceberg. Displeased users who tried to bring OnePlus’ attention to the issue informed that the defect may not be covered by warranty, thus costs of getting a new unit or refund would be quite hefty especially compared to the price of the device.

OnePlus, who is obviously aware of the issue, is trying to downplay the problem and is blaming it on software. Indeed, the version of Cyanogen which runs on the devices, was specially modified to increase warmness of the display, supposedly in order to display more realistic colors and avoid fatigue when reading text with white backgrounds.

The manufactures also claims that yellowish hue may be caused by the fact that the displays are made in different factories which can result in a slightly different screen temperature. Moreover, the OnePlus team explains that “The warm calibration experienced by some users is not isolated to a batch of Ones; all OnePlus Ones are identical.” On a side note, if only SOME users experience the issue then it’s clear that not ALL Ones are the same.

The problem seems to be fixable and the manufacturer promised that each issue will be investigated individually by a member of OnePlus support team. OnePlus says that users who “feel dissatisfied with their OnePlus Ones (…) are free to return it within fourteen days,” so luckily, if we don’t feel content with the device, we can get reimbursement from the company, thought apparently some costs may be involved.

In a message posted on the OnePlus forum, support team asked dissatisfied user to foot the bill for the postage to send the device back to China, which obviously isn’t cheap. The cost may reach $56 for the RMA to return the OnePlus One to China and get a new unit or a refund which is quite a lot due to the high international shipping cost.

In addition to the yellow-tinted screen, there were also other complaints including dead pixels, a line of slow pixels running vertically through the display that almost looks like the actual LCD is scratched and general weirdness.

Hopefully, we will soon get official comment from OnePlus on how to fix the problem without incurring additional costs. It would be a shame if the manufacturer didn’t come up with favorable solution, because apart from the screen problems, the OnePlus One seems to be really affordable device, worth buying for its good design and great specs.

source: Phandroid

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