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Google intros Titanium Collection frames for Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses

ByinSmartglasses | January 28, 2014

Google Glass with Corrective LensesToday Google made good on its promise to deliver frames for Google Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses. This makes the wearable gadget much more friendly to those users who wear prescription glasses. The new lineup frames are called Titanium Collection and are available in four styles – Thin, Classic, Bold, and Split. Each frame costs $225 and will be shipped with non-prescription lenses, which you will later be able to change for prescription lenses.

New Google’s Titanium Collection frames

Google Glass New Frames“Typical” may not be the term that you want to use when describing an advanced device; however, in the case of the Google Glass it is actually a complement. The original band made the Glass looking sci-fi weird, for the lack of a better term. The new frames are much more standard and stylish and even though they don’t hide the Glass assembly completely, the wearable looks far less conspicuous.

Unfortunately, the new frames don’t come with snap-on mechanism that would allow you to assemble and disassemble the wearable quickly and easily. In order to attach the Glass to your new frame, you will have to screw the Glass onto the frame. It means that if you actually wear prescription glasses, you will need to either wear the Glass continuously or carry a spare pair.

Google is working with VSP (Vision Service Plan) to get ECPs (Eye Care Professionals) trained on fitting requirements of the new Titanium Collection frames. The list of professionals qualified to install prescription lenses in the Titanium frames will be published some time in the future. As of now, it looks like there are trained ECPs already in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Those Glass Explorers who have VSP vision insurance may have fitting prescription glasses covered or part-covered.

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