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Tips on how to buy a cheap tablet

ByinTips & Guides | February 1, 2014

Shopping for tabletThe decision has been made – you are going to buy yourself a new tablet. Now you should ask yourself what you can do to get a slate with decent hardware under the hood and cool features that won’t break your budget. It is pretty easy to find a cheap tablet with decent specs if you how. Follow the few simple steps located below to get a tablet at great value and low price.

Here is how to begin:

Search online for dealsConsider shopping for the tablet online. In many cases products in online stores are priced lower than in brick and mortar stores. You may save even more if the store happens to buy directly from manufacturers, participate in recycling, donation or collection programs. Also buying online from stores located beyond your state will grand you a tax-free purchase.

Don’t go for the first deal you find which seems good enough, because chances are that you may come across a batter option. Check what other retailers have to offer and compare prices and terms of purchase. Even if the price of your desired tablet is identical, some retailers will charge you for packaging and shipping, while others will ship the item for free, so the total cost will be lower.

Look for promotions and coupon codes which can knock the price down a few notches. It could be a good idea to check the retailer’s social sites such as Facebook or Twitter where the company may announce upcoming promotions or special deals.

Another trick is to buy from retailers from outside of your state which will lower the cost by avoiding state taxation. You may be able to save up to 10%.

Consider few more alternatives:

Finding the right tabletIf you want to buy a quality tablet at affordable price, look for used or refurbished devices. In many cases pre-owned or reconditioned tablets are in fact as good as new but may be up to 70% cheaper than the device you purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Unless you are determined to own the very latest version of the tablet of your choice, you can opt for an older model. Most manufacturers release new models at least once a year, sometimes even more often. New technological solutions, however, are not so frequent, which means that the difference in performance between the most recent model and the one launched two years ago will be minimal, but the difference in pricing may reach up to 50%.

It’s also true for the operating system – the older version of the platform, the cheaper the device. That’s why it is crucial to determine the parameters of the tablet before you buy one. It goes without saying that newer iterations of OS will offer features you won’t be able to find on older versions, but then again you may never need to use most of these features. The same goes for hardware. For example, what’s the point of paying extra money for advanced camera if you hardly ever take photos?

One of the main determinants of price of a tablet is its size. Smaller models with lower screen resolution are usually cheaper. Price of a tablet also depends on internal memory. A significant portion of memory will be take up by the OS, though. Take it into account when you choose a tablet, since you will have at your disposal much less than what the manufacturer says the tablet offers.

If you are not sure how much memory you may need, you may want to look for models with expandable storage. It would be probably much cheaper than buying a tablet with more memory just in case.

If you intend to use the tablet only as an e-reader, there is no need to fuss about processor or RAM. However, if you want your tablet to do more complicated tasks, you may want not to save too much on these features, since the chip and RAM are what influences the performance most.

Finally, if you want to bring the cost down even more, you can go for Wi-Fi only version, which is usually more affordable than models with cellular connectivity.

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