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Tips on buying used tablets online

ByinTips & Guides | February 11, 2014

Used tabletsBuying used tablets and iPads has many advantages, one of the most important of them is a chance to find a desired tablet model at much lower price. On the other hand, buying an used slate may carry some hazard related to device condition and performance. However, there is no reason to fear of shopping pre-owned tablets as long as you do your homework and follow a few simple tips.

Prices of pre-owned tablets drop rapidly

Prices of used tablets dropUnless you need a tablet right now, give yourself some time to observe the market. There are times that prices of used tablets drop rapidly, for example, when a long-awaited successor is released. Many users will then sell older models in order to upgrade to the latest one. Not only you will have more options to choose from, but also the prices will be much more competitive.

Suspiciously underpriced used tablets

The purpose of buying a used tablet is to find a device at a cheaper price; however, try not be carried away by the desire to save as much as possible. Sometimes the seller may need to sell a tablet quickly and will set a low price to attract customers. Don’t assume that this is always the case, though. A severely underpriced tablet is very likely to be not fully functional. If you are not sure whether the price is too good to be true, look for other deals and compare prices.

Learn about the seller and product it sells

Learn about the seller and productBefore you buy an used tablet try to gather as much as you can about the seller. Most websites offer a feedback section where buyers can rate merchant, transactions, comment on the quality of sold items or the way any problems are handled.

Read carefully the description of the product, including fine print. If the seller lists any faults, try to determine how much they can influence the performance of the tablet and if you can accept them for this price.

Stock photos vs. Actual photos

If the seller includes stock photos of the item in the offer, ask for photos of the actual device you want to buy. However, don’t base your decision solely on images, since some faults may be hard to notice even on detailed photos. Make a list of additional questions about the condition of the tablet. Focus mostly on the screen and battery making sure that the display is responsive, doesn’t have scratches or too many dead pixels and the battery can hold enough charge to guarantee decent usage time.

Warranty and store return policy

Check warranty and store return policyOn rare occasions you may find used tablets still covered by the original manufacturer’s guarantee. If so, ask the seller if the warranty documents are included and if anything has been done to the device to void the warranty. In most cases, however, a used tablet is not covered by manufacturer’s guarantee, but the seller may offer customer satisfaction guarantee. Learn the terms of such additional extended warranties and store return policy.

Tablet accessories and manual

Make sure that the tablet you want to buy comes with all the accessories necessary for everyday usage, such as charger or USB cable. The accessories may not be genuine, but should allow you to use the tablet without any problems. Also, you may ask the seller if manual or getting started brochure is included. This is especially important if you are a first-time tablet user. If not, make sure you know where to find one online.

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