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Tips on buying refurbished phones.

Tips on buying refurbished phones

Things to do before you buy one:

Ask retailer who refurbished their offered phones. Phones may be refurbished by manufacturer which guarantees the highest quality at an affordable price. Also phones may be refurbished locally or in China at the cheapest price in the market what may reflect quality.

Read description about condition. In many cases phones refurbished locally or in China have the lowest prices but have been restored to functional condition only by replacing parts and leaving the original used housing.

Verify what accessories are included. They may not necessarily be the same as in the original retail box. More likely, phones refurbished in China will have non-original accessories.

Box may have missing User Guide or Getting Started Guide which can be downloaded on our product pages.

Don’t buy refurbished phone without checking warranty and return policy.

For CDMA refurbished phones such as Verizon, Sprint, or Metro PCS, ask for ESN# to verify if is clean and ready for activation.

GSM refurbished phones like T-Mobile or AT&T may have been additionally flashed and unlocked. In that case you can use the phone for any GSM carrier which is great.

On the other hand, if you plan to use premium services such as picture messaging or internet browsing, you will need to ask the retailer to provide you additional specific settings in order to use these services.

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