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Tips on buying cheap cell phones.

Tips on buying cheap phones

Check before you buy a phone:

Compatibility: Make sure that the phone is compatible with your service provider. Check if your carrier supports your chosen cell phone model. For instance Sprint models won’t work with T-Mobile or AT&T carriers.

Modes: Verify which bands your chosen phone supports and which bands are in your area. You don’t want to get a phone which in the end won’t have service. For example, US dual band GSM phones will not work in Europe or Asia.

Focus on condition: Verify if your desired phone is brand new, refurbished or previously used. Whether it is a used or refurbished phone, find out exactly what its physical status is. For instance, if is it in a mint condition, fair condition, have some wear, etc

Accessories: Check what comes with the phone. Just because a phone supports Bluetooth connectivity does not mean that it comes with a Bluetooth headset. On the other hand you may find a deal for a phone model in the same price range as others, but with premium loaded accessories, such as headset, car charger or expendable memory card.

Shipping: Verify shipping cost. Usually the first price you see in the offer is a base price without shipping and handling charges. You may be surprised if the lowest price phone isn’t the cheapest deal after summed additional charges during checkout process.

Caution: Make sure your cell phone is newer than August 2005 with GPS technology that is E911 compliant, allowing Emergency 911 operators to locate you in case of emergency.

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8 Responses to “Tips on buying cheap cell phones.”

  1. Dear Sr.am in africa liberia. how can i get it here in liberia

  2. I want to buy a used iPhone for use in the Philippines and Thailand. Which one should I get?

  3. I need to find a source for a simple phone with Bluetooth that can use the bluetooth only for communication.
    No camera is necessary, but audio is.
    We need to be able to program a simple display from coded bluetooth transmission & reception

  4. Abdul Kaleem Khan on May 16, 2014 @ 7:50 am


    i want to know is the galaxy company for mobiles will sell their mobiles in Metro pcs store will have the same price which price they have in Galaxy showroom, and how we can compare their prices in both the stores.


    • Abdul, you cannot buy Metro PCS phones directly from Samsung. You can do it either from carrier’s online store, local dealers or third party vendors. Prices on phones you can compare via our service. What particular Galaxy model you are interested in?

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