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Timex is now accepting pre-orders on its Ironman One GPS+ standalone smartwatch with 3G connectivity

ByinSmartwatches | August 7, 2014

Timex Ironman One GPS+Timex makes a great entrance into the world of smartwatches. The timepiece manufacturer in cooperation with AT&T Wireless and Qualcomm is now launching their first completely standalone smartwatch with GPS navigation and 3G connectivity designed to be the “must have” of every sport addict. Although the debut date of the Timex Ironman One GPS+ is still a great mystery, the company starts to accept pre-orders on the gadget.

Timex’s Ironman One GPS+ can connect to Internet without a smartphone

Ironman SmartwatchesAlthough the smartwatch has most features commonly found in other smartwatches, it’s clearly visible that the device was designed mainly for athletes just as its predecessors. Thanks to GPS connectivity, the Ironman One GPS+ is not only able to give your exact location but also to give your speed and traveled distance. You may also add your run data to the fitness website by pressing just one button.

If all these features don’t impress you, the Ironman One GPS+ is said to be released in special version with a heart monitor just like the Samsung Gear Fit with additional chest strap to give more precise heart rate measurements. But, if you want to buy the heart rate monitor version, you need to prepare yourself to pay $450 in pre-order, just to give you the scale the basic version costs $399, which is also quite a whopping price as for the smartwatch, especially when taking into consideration the fact that most of these gadgets cost currently something around $200.

But, aside the fitness focused features, the Ironman GPS One+ have many more useful functions. Like for example special built-in app which gives you the opportunity to contact via special e-mail address. If you like to listen to music when jogging, the Ironman GPS One+ is definitely for you, since due to its 4GB of internal storage you may enjoy hours of your favorite music via Bluetooth headset (don’t even mention 3G radio function). Furthermore, in the case or emergency you can press the SOS button to inform your family or friends about your location. All this without using your smartphone, since the Ironman GPS One+ is the watch that doesn’t need to be pair up with any other device to have access to the Internet.

While the Timex took care for the watch’s design, the Qualcomm supplied the Ironman GPS One+ with one of its processors and 1.5-inch Mirasol display, which thanks to its innovative low-power technology is clearly visible even in sunlight. This is another feature that makes the watch a perfect companion of every outdoor athlete.  In addition, AT&T gives you a year of unlimited 3G data transfer completely out of charge, but there is still no word on how much will the service cost after that period.

Moving on, don’t worry about the battery capacity. Because even if the battery size is still unspecified, the manufacturer ensures us that the Ironman GPS One+ will run eight hours with GPS function turn on and three days in normal use. So, even if you are a long distance runner, you may be sure that the watch will keep your pace and won’t turn off during your training.

Summing up, the Ironman GPS One+ is a high tech gadget that will definitely meet demands of all health and fitness concerned. Although there is still no official premiere’s date, you may already pre-order the watch via Times online store for $399. The smartwatch goes on sale in two color options: black and green.

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