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Time to upgrade your old Metro PCS CDMA phone to GSM as Metro closes down CDMA service next month

ByinAnnouncements | May 9, 2015

Metro PCS CDMA Network
After T-Mobile and Metro PCS merger it was inevitable that Metro’s old CDMA network will be closed down sooner or later. In order to force the remaining subscribers using CDMA devices to switch into more popular GSM/LTE network, T-Mobile accelerated the whole process. Recently, the carrier announced the plan to shut down prepaid Metro PCS service provided via CDMA network in three major markets on June 21st, which is way sooner than anyone was expecting.

Metro CDMA service is about to be closed and what it means to you

Metro PCS
According to T-Mobile report around 500,000 subscribers (which translates to 8 percent of Metro customers) are still using the old CDMA network that Metro PCS was running on before the merge. Now such users will have to acquire GSM phones and SIM cards as after June 21st CDMA phones won’t have service. Previously, T-Mobile planned to shut down Metro PCS’s legacy network no sooner than in the second half of 2015; however, for some reasons the carrier decided to speed up the process.

Metro PCS supports all their subscribers willing to upgrade their old CDMA-based phones to GSM devices and launches special discounts on new purchases. Depending on which model of a smartphone you will choose from the carrier’s offer, the carrier will grant you with $32, $54, $109 or even $299 credit.

In order to benefit from this special upgrade offer, you need to have an active Metro PCS CDMA phone (it must be active for at least 30 days). The phone’s ESN (Electronic Serial Number) must correspond with the ESN on the customer’s account. If you meet these requirements, visit your local Metro PCS retailer, where the carrier’s representative can further assist with the upgrade program.

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What is CDMA, and why GSM?

Phones working on CDMA network carries special ESN that must be activated by the carrier in order to connect the phone with mobile service. In terms of the physical appearance, specs and features, CDMA models do not differ much from the GSM variants. Unlike GSM phones, usually CDMA phones aren’t equipped with SIM card slot so you won’t be able to unlock the device or use your SIM card on it. That makes GSM technology more convenient and more widespread over CDMA so no wonder then that most carriers worldwide opt in to GSM.

Speaking of the benefits, having Metro PCS GSM phone you will have access to faster and more reliable T-Mobile GSM / LTE network plus you will be able to unlock the device and use it with other service providers in the US and abroad. You can also purchase any unlocked phone from third party vendors and use it on Metro PCS without any issues.

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