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Three really good reasons why you should want a SIM-lock free phone

ByinTips & Guides | June 29, 2015

Unlocked Phones
Many users prefer to buy phones from carriers because it’s a pretty hassle-free task. For example, the offer is rather limited which can be a good thing, especially if you don’t know what exactly you want, and you can always ask for help a professional. There is one huge downside, though. Phones bought from carriers are locked which limits their functionality in a number of aspects. We usually don’t take into account those factors, but maybe we should. Here are three really good reasons why you should want a SIM-lock free phone also known as SIM unlocked phone.

Sim-lock Free Phone can save you many troubles and money

Prepaid Service


One of the main disadvantages of buying a phone locked to a certain carrier is that you are required to sign a contract or get into an installment plan which typically lasts two years. It’s a long time during which you are tied to that one particular carrier and can’t just switch to another service provider when you come across a better offer.

In some cases a phone locked to a carrier will work on its pre-paid services, for example AT&T devices play nice on the carrier’s Mobile Virtual Network Operators, aka MVNO, but the choice is still pretty much limited. It’s not an issue if you have a SIM-lock free phone as long as it’s compatible with the bands the other network is using. Quad-band unlocked phones support all GSM networks, not only in North or South America, but also in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. That’s what we call freedom.

Local service

Today even smaller towns usually have decent service coverage from the majority of large networks, meaning that most of the time you probably don’t experience any significant problems. We all need vacation every once in a while, though, and when you go to the country for a weekend, you may end up with irritatingly slow speeds, dropped calls and… a large bill, if your phone roams to another carrier’s network. Solution? The right prepaid SIM card for which you will need a phone without a SIM-lock. Moreover, many pre-paid providers allow you to use your data allotment while tethering, so your friends and family can enjoy the service too.

Global Roaming

Unless you are fleeing the country to avoid some kind of trouble, you will probably want to keep in touch with your family and friends. Your carrier most likely provides an international voice and data plan with a certain number of minutes and data, but needless to say, it’s not going to be free. In fact, it can be pretty expensive and you have no guarantee that it will work without major hiccups.

To lower the costs cell phone service abroad, you can buy a month of service from a local service provider. However, in order for your new SIM card to be useful and get the signal, you will need a SIM-lock free phone with support required network frequencies, for instance a quad-band phone.

Of course, there are many users who have no interest in prepaid service, travel abroad once in a blue moon and don’t use roaming at all. Thus, they have no reason to be unhappy with a carrier-locked phone. If you are a such user, then good for you. We sincerely wish you best of luck and a satisfying cooperation with your carrier. Nevertheless, it’s always good to know that there are other options to consider, such as SIM-lock free phones.

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