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Things to do before purchasing cheap phones.

Things to do before purchasing cheap phones

What you need to know:

Warranty: Avoid buying cheap cell phones without first knowing the store return policy. Carefully read the terms and conditions section dedicated to return policy and warranties. See how you are covered: what responsibilities are yours and what the store’s are if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Confidence: Verify customer support of the retailer: is it 24/7, what are the office hours, when it is closed, does it have a live chat option, dedicated customer service phone number or email address. Missing most of the above points may give you a picture of the seller’s professionalism which should determine whether you are interested in purchasing from them or not.

Order processing: How long does it take to handle the order and ship your cell phone? Usually it shouldn’t be longer than 2 business days before the phone leaves the facility.

Delivery Time: Confirm what type of shipping is offered by the store, how many business days it will take before you receive your phone. Consider delivery time especially if you highly depend on your cell phone. You may get a cheap deal with free shipping but the store, instead of using priority mail, will ship you the phone using first class mail. First class mail can sometimes take up to two weeks before delivery. Ground shipping shouldn’t be longer than 3-4 business days.

Questions: Ask any questions about specifics of the phone before purchasing it. Avoid assumptions, disappointments and bad experiences. Use contact email, chat or phone numbers to verify standards of the services provided by the store.

Seller reputation: Verify source – check ratings, reviews – simply searching for a store on search engine can bring results. Social media like Facebook or Twitter can be handy.

Security and privacy: Always make sure the online website is secure before making a purchase. Check if the site offers Secure Sockets Layer (SLL) – a security technology which establishes an encrypted link between web servers and browsers. Encrypted data ensures no one can see the personal information you provide during checkout. During checkout, in the browser, a secured web page should begin with “https://” instead of regular “http://”.

Delivery address: If you are planning to ship the phone to a different address make sure that the retailer provides such an option. Many sites will ship only to a billing address.

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  1. silindile nompilo gcwenas on August 10, 2017 @ 6:54 am

    Hi im Silindile desperately needing sumsung s6 32 gb platinum gold in a good condition . I just lost my phone and my husband does not know it lost already i need another 1 same like that 1 i wanna know if i place an order how long it gonna take for me to find and how to paid , i just need clarity u can email me back

  2. I take it in any country you have to have an unlocked phone.
    so mexico is ok

  3. What type phones work with metro pcs?

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