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Things you should check before you buy low-end cheap tablet

ByinTips & Guides | January 31, 2014

Cheap TabletAlthough competition is increasing rapidly on the market of tablets, the top brands are still relatively expensive, thus out of reach for some people. Luckily for those who can’t afford or simply don’t want a pricey tablet, there are more budget-friendly alternatives that can do the job well. Remember, however, that a cheap tablet is cheap for a reason, meaning that in order to keep the price in check the manufacturer had to make a sacrifice or two such as weaker hardware, older version of software or the lack of some features.

Check weak points before you make a purchase

Android TabletAffordable tablets are bound to come with weak points, so before you make a purchase, you should try to identify them and decide whether you can accept them or not. Unless price is your only concern, try not to go for the cheapest of the cheapest option. Sometimes spending those few extra dollars could save you a lot of trouble and greatly improve the experience. The key is to find the best value for a particular price range.

The first thing to check is battery life. Tablets are meant to be portable devices easy to use on the go and for this reason should offer a few hours of moderately intensive usage time. Having to recharge the tablet often would mean that it is not serving its purpose of a wireless device and may even render the device useless, for example if you are planning to use it during long bus rides. In many cases it is battery life that manufacturers cut down on; however, it is possible to find a cheap tablet with a battery offering up to nine hours of usage time.

Since the main feature of a tablet is its screen, it is crucial that it has a decent resolution. Low resolution can make user experience much less pleasurable not to mention tired eyes after long reading. Many manufacturers understand the importance of high resolution and offer inexpensive tablets with 1280 x 800 pixel screens.

Another feature that determines the price of a tablet is the amount of onboard memory. If you look for a cheap tablet, typically you will have to make do with 8 GB of storage or even less, though you can also find devices with 16 GB of internal memory at attractive price.

If you want to bring the cost of your tablet down, you can look for a Wi-Fi-only device. You may have somewhat less freedom, since the tablet will rely on Wi-Fi hotspots when used outside, but the overall cost of the device will be much lower since you won’t have to purchase data plan from a carrier.

Once in a while you can come across what seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime deal that encourages you to buy a premium tablet at the cheapest price. It would be a good time to get suspicious, though not always there is a reason to worry. Sometimes the retailer is just trying to move last-year’s models to make room for the latest ones or is running a special promotion on a particular brand. If this is the case, you will have a chance to grab a great tablet at affordable price. However, if the tablet is priced well below average for no reason, it may be a good idea to look for a different deal.

The same goes for cheap non-branded Chinese tablets. Although not all Chinese devices are of poor quality, you should be extra careful if you decide to get one of these tablet. In many cases the build is anything but durable making the tablet prone to damage. Moreover, cheap Chinese tablet usually equals not exactly the latest hardware and outdated or illegal software, which translates to poor performance.

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