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The iconic Nokia 3310 is back, wondering if the phone can chat, navigate or access social networks?

ByinAnnouncements | February 27, 2019

HMD relaunched today the Nokia 3310
Remember the iconic Nokia 3310? Do you too feel a bit nostalgic about that extremely durable and long lasting phone? If so, then you will be surely glad to know that HMD Global, the Finnish company owning the rights to Nokia’s phone brand licensing took the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and presented the first from years full line of Nokia-branded smartphones including the relaunched Nokia 3310.

HMD relaunched today the Nokia 3310. Speaking the well-known blocky design the phone is a reliable tool of communication that comes for a song.

The iconic Nokia 3310 is back
Introduced today in Barcelona, the new Nokia 3310 is surely far from today’s smartphone standards, but it has several strong points that may make the phone worth your attention. First of all, tt looks durable, and convenient to text due to its physical keyboard. Additionally,  the phone delivers a powerful battery that provides 22 hours of intensive usage or 744 hours (almost a month) on stand-by mode. Furthermore, unlike its protoplast, the handset has been equipped with a camera. But, don’t get too excited here, as the unit we’re talking about is a ridiculously low 2MP sensor with a LED flash, so don’t expect it to give you close to decent photos.

Thanks to built-in MP3 player with radio FM, microSD expansion and 3.5 mm headphone jack the phone can accompany you during your morning jogging allowing to listen to your favorite music or catch up with the latest news. When playing music the battery is promised to last around 51 hours. Meanwhile a calendar and an alarm function will help you plan your day. You can either make voice or written notes. Plus, while commuting or waiting in a line you can entertain yourself playing games, including the latest version of the classical Snake or even surf the web thanks to built-in Opera browser but only in 2.5G speeds.

Although, you can’t chat using the Nokia 3310, nor navigate as the phone lacks GPS. Those addicted to social media will be also disappointed as the handset doesn’t support Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. However, on the other hand the Nokia 3310 appears to be a perfect rehab for all those addicted to social media who want to heal themselves from their obsession.

The Nokia 3310 is a simple and reliable phone which may be a nice gift for your grandparents who need their phone for nothing more than basic communication tasks. Other than that, it’s also a nice option for all those travelling a lot as it can last days recharging due to its great battery life. Sold for $52 the phone is made of aluminum and will be available in multiplicity of color options, including red, yellow and black.

source: Nokia

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