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The easiest and the most beneficial trick that will give your Android phone a huge speed boost

ByinTips & Guides | April 16, 2015

Android LogoThere is no doubt that Android is definitely one of the greatest and most popular mobile operating systems currently available on the market. We can spend a whole day counting features that make it such a highly appreciated software, but there are always room for improvement. It there’s a feature or function you want to get, but it isn’t available on your Android smartphone straight out of the box, the platform is full of hidden tricks that may help you solve your problem. If you want to learn about the easiest and most beneficial trick that will give you Android phone a huge speed boost, stay with us.

How to make an Android phone faster.

Android Developer OptionIn case you don’t know, Android platform has a great number of hidden menus that may help you to enhance the performance of your phone, including the already mentioned trick to speed boost. Below we will try to present how to speed up your phone in just few seconds without the necessity of using third-party software.

No matter if you’re stuck to an older model or one of the latest flagship smartphones, like for example Samsung Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, you can always make your phone work faster. Although, it’s hard to believe that the recently launched premium top-notch handsets can perform quicker, it’s true that you can really boost their performance.

What’s more you will be surprised how easy it is to enhance their speed with no additional apps, complicated “rooting” nor other hard to apply hacks. Here are few easy steps you have to take to achieve the task.

First of all you’ll need to get the access to the hidden “Developer options”. How to do it? Well, simply tap the “About phone” section in your phone’s Setting menu. Next up, tap “Build number” seven times. Then you can simply return to the main Settings menu where you’re be able to find the mentioned “Developer options” located somewhere at the end of the list.

When entering the “Developer options” menu, scroll it to see the following three sections, remember that they may be hidden in and “Advanced” subsections. The settings are as follows:

– Window animation scale
– Transition animation scale
– Animator duration scale

Each of these sections is set to “1x” but if your tape them and change the figures to “.5x” (a half), you will considerably boost the speed of your handset. This tweak is of course harmless to your phone, but makes the slate to speed up transition animations and other processing functions making the whole user experience smoother.

source: BGR

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