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Panasonic unveils new heavy-rugged Toughpad FZ tablets that look like phones

ByinTablets | February 25, 2016

New heavy-rugged Toughpad FZ tablets that look like phones
Perhaps Panasonic isn’t the first company that pops up to your mind when thinking about mobile devices, but thanks to its Toughpads it is definitely well-known to all those customers who like outdoor activity and need a solid compact tablets. Today, on the third day of the MWC expo Panasonic unveiled the latest updates to the introduced in 2014 line of heavy-rugged tablets. The Toughpad FZ-N1 and FZ-F1 come closed in an extremely durable body case and may offer one of the fastest processor.

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Microsoft kicks off the best tablet computer for 2015, meet the new Surface Book ultimate 2 in 1 laptop

ByinTablets | October 7, 2015

Surface Book 2 in 1 laptop
Microsoft announced a bunch of new devices at yesterday’s even in New York City. In addition to three Lumia smartphones and a next generation Surface Pro tablet, the Redmond company also kicked off the best tablet computer for 2015 called Surface Book. In fact, it’s Microsoft’s first laptop offering ultimate 2 in 1 experience.

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Microsoft unleashes the Surface Pro 4 with bigger screen, smaller bezels, new stylus and thinner keyboard

ByinTablets | October 6, 2015

Surface Pro 4

While Surface Pro users didn’t have to wait for a new model quite as long as Lumia fans, many felt that a new tablet is way overdue. Luckily, the wait is finally over. During an event in New York City, Microsoft unleashed the Surface Pro 4 equipped with a bigger screen, smaller bezels, new stylus and thinner keyboard. Unlike the Lumias, the company didn’t skip a generation and the Surface Pro 4 directly follows the Surface Pro 3.

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Dell unveils Latitude 12 extreme tablet designed for people who need to rely on their tablet in harsh environment

ByinTablets | July 24, 2015

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet by Dell
There are many kinds of tablets available on the market, all serving different purposes. Traditionally, tablets are used for surfing the net, watching movies or playing games, but there are also kids-oriented slates that feature colorful cases and parental control mode. However, all these may be not enough for someone who lives an adventurous life. That’s why Dell released Latitude 12, an extreme tablet designed for people who need to rely on their tablet in the most hostile environment.

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Microsoft launches Surface 3, a cheaper, thinner and less powerful version of the Surface Pro 3

ByinAnnouncements, Tablets | April 1, 2015

Surface 3

Microsoft has just announced another tablet joining their list of offerings, the Surface 3. Being thinner and less powerful version of the released almost a year ago the Surface Pro 3, the slate is targeting at budget conscious folks out there. Additionally, though labeled with a definitely more affordable price tag, the new tablet is said to sport the same premium quality design and materials as the Surface Pro 3.

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HP launches the ENVY x2 convertible laptop-tablet that looks like the Surface Pro 3

ByinTablets | November 19, 2014

HP’s Envy x2Today, HP announced releasing the ENVY x2 which is the manufacturer’s own variation on a convertible laptop-tablet hybrid that looks pretty much like a carbon copy of the Surface Pro 3. The published last night HP’s promo video leaves no shadow of a doubt, almost everything in the ENVY x2 starting from the multi-angle kickstand to the keyboard cover resembles the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. What’s more there will be two models available, one carrying 13.3-inch display, second larger equipped with 15.6-inch screen.

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Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet challenges Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

ByinTablets | November 5, 2014

Dell Venue 11 Pro modes.Competition is an integral element of the market. If you are an electronics manufacturer and you want to thrive, you can’t settle for just anything that brings you some income. You have to move forward and try to be better than the others. Otherwise, the cruel world will chew you up and spit you out at the far end of the food chain. With this thought in mind, Dell has just announced the Venue 11 Pro which challenges Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 in terms of size, speed and options.

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Dell unveils the Venue 8 Pro 3000 tablet powered by Windows 8.1 with pocket friendly price

ByinTablets | November 1, 2014

Venue 8 Pro 3000It seems like Microsoft continues to keep their word to deliver more affordable mobile gadgets running Windows 8.1 with Dell appearing to be the latest manufacturer to produce a Windows tablet with pocket friendly price at $199.99. The upcoming Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 tablet strongly resembles the introduced last year 5000 Series but costs $50 less. If consider buying a mid-range tablet running latest version of Windows at affordable price, you may be interested in the Dell’s offer.

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Need a bigger Windows 8.1 tablet? Lenovo just announced 13-inch Yoga Tablet 2 bundled with keyboard cover

ByinTablets | October 30, 2014

Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet with keyboardIf you looking for a Windows 8.1 tablet but 10-inch screen isn’t big enough to provide you with proper work comfort? How about a new Lenovo tablet that joins the company’s Yoga tablet lineup featuring a kick-stand and a special detachable keyboard cover? The 13-inch slate runs the latest Windows OS and arrives a month after the debut of the set of Yoga Tablet 2 devices launched with Android and Windows options. The tablet will hit retailers shelves with price tag of $699, including the keyboard cover. If you want to learn more about the device, let’s check the full spectrum of the tablet’s offerings.

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E FUN announces a 10.1-inch Nextbook Windows tablet-notebook hybrid device under $200

ByinTablets | October 22, 2014

E FUN NextbookE FUN has just announced release a new 10.1-inch Windows tablet joining their Nextbook lineup. Coming with a detachable POGO keyboard, the device is something of a tablet and notebook hybrid that will become available nationwide in November priced at $179, which means it will be the first Windows 8.1 slate featuring 10.1-inch display, not bad specs and comes with such an affordable price tag. Feel interested in further details? Let’s have a look at the device’s parameters.

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Emdoor introduces a 7-inch Windows tablet at ridiculous low price of $65

ByinTablets | October 14, 2014

Windows Phone 8.1During this week’s HKTDC tech event in Hong Kong, we could witness the premiere of a very interesting Windows tablet. The 7-inch slate is called the Emdoor EM-I8170 and comes labeled with ridiculous low price tag of $65, which makes it even cheaper than the most affordable Pipo Work W4 Windows 8.1 tablet priced at $81 that we introduced last month. Let’s check what this super cheap tablet can offer its users.

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Thinner and lighter Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with improved hinge design seems to be a winner among the all tablet-laptop hybrid devices

ByinTablets | October 12, 2014

Lenovo Yoga 3 ProLenovo certainly is not resting on laurels. Yesterday’s announcement of new devices is a tangible proof that the company has been very busy lately updating its key lineups. In addition to a bunch of Yoga tablets, the Chinese manufacturer also unveiled third generation of the Yoga laptop. Thinner and lighter Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with improved hinge design seems to be a winner among the all tablet-laptop hybrid devices available today on the market.

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Lenovo launches its new Yoga Tablet 2 in 8″ and 10″ varieties where users can choose between Android and Windows 8.1 platform

ByinTablets | October 10, 2014

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 If you want a tablet with typical design, there are plenty of options to choose from ranging from very cheap to quite expensive depending on hardware specification. However, if you want a tablet that will stand out from the crowd, then your choices are more limited. One of such devices is the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. The first generation is already one year old, so it’s time for a follow-up. Today Lenovo launched its new Yoga Tablet 2 in 8-inch and 10-inch varieties where users can choose between Android and Windows 8.1 platform.

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HP announces Stream 7 and Stream 8 Windows tablets starting at price under $100

ByinTablets | September 30, 2014

HP Stream 8HP and Microsoft tandem has just announced two more new tablets joining their list of offerings, the HP Stream 7 and HP Stream 8, both running Windows 8.1. The HP Stream line has been designed to rival with the flood of cheap Android tablets that are trying to dominate the market. Both slates come as a low-cost Windows tablets starting at price under $100. They are expected to hit the US market in November.

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Meet the dirt cheap Windows tablet, the 8-inch Pipo Work W4 costs only $81

ByinTablets | September 23, 2014

Windows Phone Version 8.1Microsoft’s flexible approach to Windows licenses has one huge advantage – a crop of ultra-affordable tablets. Up until recently, the leader in the category of budget tablets was the KingSing W8, but now we have a new winner that has redefined the term “affordable” once again. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the dirt cheap Windows tablet, the 8-inch Pipo Work W4 which costs only $81 (499 Yuan in China).

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Asus launches a new Windows 8.1 tablet, the Asus VivoTab 8

ByinTablets | September 8, 2014

Asus VivoTab 8All those thinking that Android-running, 64-bit MeMO Pad 7 tablet was the only tablet that Asus had up their sleeves during IFA 2014, were definitely flabbergasted when the company announced the VivoTab 8, a running the latest Windows 8.1 OS 8-inch slate that houses a 64-bit Intel-made processor. Unfortunately, its availability and pricing are still something of a mystery.

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ThinkPad Helix 2-in-1 arrives as ultrabook targeted at business users that can be transformed into a tablet when needed

ByinTablets | September 6, 2014

ThinkPad HelixLenovo’s first Think Pad Helix was launched in 2013 and more than a year after the first went on sale, Lenovo has come up with a refreshed design which was launched in IFA 2014. Think Pad Helix 2-in-1 Ultra is a promising device which is better than the previous version in many areas. The most impressive features is that it is 15% slimmer, fanless Windows PCs and has more battery life compared to the previous version. The ThinkPad Helix 2-in-1 is one of the first 2-in-1 ultrabooks which can be transferred into a tablet when needed and is mainly targeting the business users.

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Microsoft’s education discount reduces the pricing of the Surface Pro 3 to just $649

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | August 4, 2014

Surface Pro 3Feel the lack of motivation to study? Your not the only one, but Microsoft seems to have found the solution to the problem. Now, the company teases all students with discount of $150 for the Surface Pro 3, decreasing the tablet’s price tag to just $649 for its basic version. Interested in details? Let’s take a look.

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8-inch Emdoor EM-i8080 is the cheapest Windows 8.1 tablet priced at $100

ByinTablets | June 8, 2014

Emdoor EM-i8080It’s become a tradition recently that Windows tablets are more expensive than Android slates. However, the tradition is not set in stone and lately we have seen prices dropping WP devices to a more competitive level. Earlier this week we got a peek at an 8-inch tablet which is the cheapest Windows 8.1 slate announced so far. Made by Chinese company Emdoor, the 8-inch EM-i8080 will be priced at just $100 when it hits the stores.

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Toshiba Encore 7 brings the Windows 8.1 to small-sized tablet

ByinTablets | June 5, 2014

Encore 7 Windows TabletThe market is saturated with small-sized affordable Android tablets, but if you prefer Microsoft’s platform, your options are rather limited. Since Windows is associated with more professional use, the system is a more popular choice for larger devices. However, Toshiba stands a great chance to change the trend with the announcements of the 7-inch Encore 7 Windows 8.1 tablet, which was unveiled at Computex in Taiwan by Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Nick Parker.

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