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Sprint challenges competition and makes its unlimited plan even cheaper

ByinAnnouncements | February 16, 2019

Sprint kicks off with an unlimited plan
Unlimited data plans have been a hot topic over this week. Mobile carriers compete to deliver the most limitless plans and when carriers compete we – customers – win. Three days ago Verizon started a small revolution in the unlimited plans, shortly after that T-Mobile upgraded its own unlimited deal so as to meet the requirements set by Verizon. Today, Sprint is giving us another option by slashing pricing of its unlimited plan to keep the pace of T-Mobile.

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Sprint launches a new plan giving customers truly unlimited data, talk and text for $60 a month

ByinAnnouncements | August 21, 2018

Carrier’s rivalry for new subscribers seems to be endless. Just two days ago the Magenta network revamped its offer by getting rid of all its plans except T-Mobile One with truly unlimited data. Today, following the T-Mobile’s policy Sprint announced its own alternative to One. Called Unlimited Freedom the new plan offers unlimited everything, but its slightly cheaper than the T-Mobile’s option and comes with a package of different restrictions.

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Wondering which US carrier offers the best mobile internet experience?

ByinTips & Guides | July 9, 2018

OpenSignal conducted a test which compares US major carriers
Smartphone makers put a lot of effort into making each new generation of devices faster and more reliable than previous one. However, even the best smartphone in the world, wouldn’t be of much use without internet connection, since smartphones are smart only when they have access to cellular data or Wi-Fi. That said, unless you have constant access to Wi-Fi, you need to rely on your carrier for internet connection. Wondering which US carrier offers the best mobile internet experience? Here are the results of a test on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint carried out by OpenSignal.

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Sprint and T-Mobile offer deep discount the iPhone X if you trade in your smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | October 25, 2017

Sprint and T-Mobile shared a news that they are introducing a new promo on the iPhone X
With pre-orders on the iPhone X kicking off on October 27th, all US carriers are announcing deals on the Apple’s upcoming handset. Sprint and T-Mobile are no exception here. Both service providers recently shared a news that they are about to launch a new offer that will allow you to get iPhone X with an up to $350 discount if you trade in an eligible device.

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Sprint is back to the game with new cheaper Unlimited Freedom plans, kills 50% off deal

ByinAnnouncements | April 6, 2017

Sprint is back to the game

Earlier today Sprint has revamped its unlimited plan offer simultaneously retiring the 50% off deal for new customers who decided to ditch their carrier on favor of Sprint. The carrier simplified the previous unlimited offer by reducing its price. The new Unlimited Freedom plans include limitless talking, texting and data for as little as $50 per month.

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Sprint Black Friday sale includes buy one get one free Galaxy S7, HTC Bold at half price

ByinAnnouncements | November 16, 2016

On Black Friday Sprint will discount the HTC Bolt’s regular pricing by half
Having Black Friday just round the corner and each day more stores are trying to get attention with Black Friday promos. Today time has come for Sprint to share their special offer for the biggest shopping holiday of the year. On November 25th we will be able to buy two Galaxy S7 at the price of one or grab the HTC Bolt fifty percent cheaper. But those are just two of the best Sprint’s Black Friday bargains.

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Sprint offers a full refund to anyone unhappy with their service within 30 days

ByinAnnouncements | March 27, 2016

Sprint offers a full refund to anyone with their service
All customers, whether they buy a product or service, are entitled to a refund of the costs if the goods they purchased don’t suit their needs. Of course, it also applies to smartphone users. All carriers allow for returns within a certain period of time but it’s usually a pretty short time. However, to meets its customers halfway, Sprint made temporal changes to its return policy and now the carrier offers a full refund to anyone unhappy with their service within 30 days.

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Sprint iPhone SE pre-sale begins on March 24th, will lease the iPhone 6S for just $13 per month

ByinAnnouncements | March 23, 2016

Sprint iPhone SE pre-sale begins on March 24th
As it usually happens, as soon as a new smartphone is released, prices of the older models start to drop. It’s a very common practice which is aimed at moving as many units of predecessors as possible before customers completely lose interest in those variants. That’s exactly what we are witnessing right now with iPhones. Two days after the iPhone SE was unveiled, Sprint confirmed that pre-sale would begin on March 24th. At the same time, the carrier announced that you can have the iPhone 6S for as low as $13 per month on lease.

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Verizon and Sprint follow the trend and run popular deal today buy-1-get-1-free promotion for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

ByinSales & Special Offers | March 19, 2016

Verizon and Sprint announced a popular BOGO offer on the Galaxy S7
Some time ago AT&T and T-Mobile announced quite a generous BOGO offer on Samsung’s latest flagships – the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Within the promo you may get a free Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge if you buy one of them and open a new line or renew you contract. However, while giving you the bonus device both carriers require from you to purchase a second line for the second phone. Starting today a similar offer is available at Verizon and Sprint.

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Sprint brings back phones on contracts, should you really go for it and buy one?

ByinAnnouncements | February 29, 2016

Two-year contracts are again a part of Sprint’s offer
A few years ago, two-year contracts were the most popular method of buying a smartphone. However, as carriers started to offer more diverse plans and some manufacturers shortened upgrade cycle to six months, long-term agreements started to be regarded as too outdated. As a result, one by one US major carriers began to remove contracts from their offers. Now that this option is gone, it seems that it might have been e premature decision, at least in the case of Sprint. The carrier just brought back phones on contracts, but should you really go for it and buy one?

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Sprint launched new wireless plans that offer more than twice the data as Verizon for the same price

ByinAnnouncements | February 19, 2016

Sprint`s wireless plans offer more than twice the data as Verizon for the same price
A few years ago people used cell phones mostly to communicate by calling and texting. However, as phones became smarter, these functions lost a lot of their importance to browsing the web, checking social networking sites, playing games, etc. To make full use of all smart functions, though, you need the internet and if you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, your only option is a carrier plan with data. As a result, the amount of data offered in plans is now the main leverage carriers have over the competition. And it looks like Sprint might have a great opportunity to score new customers by launching new wireless plans that offer more than twice the data as Verizon for the same price.

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Sprint offers $200 discount on the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5 if you trade-in your old phone

ByinSales & Special Offers | February 9, 2016

Sprint announced a new trade-in deal
As we all already know the Samsung Galaxy S7 premiere is just around the corner. No wonder then that carriers compete with each other the deliver the most attractive offer in order to get rid of as much of the Galaxy S6 supply as possible. Sprint is no exception here. Today, the carrier launched a new deal giving you a $200 credit for trading-in your existing phone you can spend on the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5.

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Sprint will no longer offer two-year contracts

ByinLeaks & Rumors | January 11, 2016

Sprint kills 2-year contracts for smartphones
A recently leaked internal memo meant for Sprint representatives revealed that gone are the days of two year contracts for new customers. Instead, the mobile carrier is planning to offer its new subscribers installment contracts and lease plans which will require monthly payments. In general, current installment plans used by other mobile carriers do not require a consumer to be locked in a contract for long term however, they do require that if a consumer wants to leave their current carrier, they have to pay the full balance of what is owed.

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Sprint Black Friday deal will get you a free HD TV with purchase LG G4

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 24, 2015

Black Friday deals
Since there are only few days left for Black Friday, every electronics retailer has already started to spread news concerning their special promos in order to tempt the biggest number of customers. Sprint is no exception here. Today the carrier announced its official Black Friday bargain offers, among which you will find a deal promising you a free HD TV with a purchase of the LG G4. If you want to try to hunt for these promo, here’s everything you want to know about this more than a sweet deal.

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Sprint will cut 50% off the service plans that your carrier currently offers

ByinAnnouncements | November 19, 2015

If you visited Sprint’s website in the last few days you might have noticed a countdown clock which clearly suggested that something incredible was going to happen today. The big day finally arrived and we know what’s this big secret about. Sprint is going to cut 50% off the service plans that your carrier currently offers if you bring your number over to them.

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Sprint offers free Amazon Prime membership with purchase Samsung Galaxy phones

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 7, 2015

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Offer
There are about a million ways a carrier can woo new customers to join the ranks and convince existing ones that it would be a good idea to stick a little bit longer. Some slash prices of the hottest devices, others offer a bunch of free accessories or throw in more data, etc. Sprint has just come up with an idea to encourage new and existing customers to buy Samsung devices. The carrier is now offering free Amazon Prime services with the purchase of Samsung Galaxy phones.

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Sprint undercuts T-Mobile and kicks off an insane deal where customers can get iPhone 6s for $1 per month

ByinSales & Special Offers | September 24, 2015

Sprint Logo
Don’t you just love it when carriers fight for customers? While it may be difficult to keep track off all the deals, promotions and discounts, fierce competition brings many benefits for customers, for example, lower prices. When yesterday T-Mobile announced that it would offer the latest iPhone 6S for just $5 per month, it was the best deal on the market. Was, because it no longer is. Sprint just undercut T-Mobile and kicked off an insane deal where customers can get the iPhone 6S for $1 per month.

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Thinking of signing up a carrier installment plan for your new phone? You might want to think twice

ByinTips & Guides | August 31, 2015

US Mobile Carriers
For many years a two-year contract with a carrier was the most often chosen form of acquiring a new phone and service, since it allowed you to buy a brand new handset at a fraction of its retail price or sometimes sometimes even for free. Recently, though, this option lost some of its appeal mainly because it prevents users from frequent upgrades. In order to meet subscribers’ needs, carriers started moving away from long-term agreements, offering customers installment plans in their place. However, before you sign up for this option, you may want to consider few things since it may not suits everyone.

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Sprint lets customers upgrade to the latest iPhone at any time and launches “iPhone Forever” program

ByinSales & Special Offers | August 17, 2015

The most popular smartphone models are typically refreshed once a year. The carriers, however, allow their customers to upgrade every two years when the contract is over and that’s a major problem for users who like to stay on top and own the latest phone model on the market. Last year Sprint made an effort to meet subscribers’ needs and launched “iPhone for Life” program which allowed users to upgrade to a new iPhone every year. Today the carrier kicked off a new version of the program called “iPhone Forever” which lets customers upgrade to the latest iPhone at any time.

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Sprint offers free calls and texts to Canada, Mexico along with rates starting at pennies for Latin American countries

ByinAnnouncements | August 11, 2015

For over two years T-Mobile has been setting the tone for mobile industry forcing other carriers to adjust their offers to match new standards. And we have to admit that the standards are pretty high. When last month T-Mobile announced “Mobile Without Borders“, it was just a matter of time until other networks would followed. The time is now at least for Sprint. The carrier now offers free calls and texts to Canada, Mexico along with rates starting at pennies for Latin American countries.

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