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BlackBerry now offers unlocked Q10 and Z10 without contract directly from Shop BlackBerry store

ByinPhones Without Contract | September 30, 2013

Blackberry Z10 Without ContractThere is always a way to find an unlocked phone if really need one. But why complicate things if you can grab a SIM-free device right from the manufacturer’s online store? That is apparently what BlackBerry thought when it started offering unlocked Q10 and Z10 via its official online BlackBerry store in the US.

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BlackBerry Q10, Red HTC One, and Ativ S Neo coming to Sprint in August

ByinLeaks & Rumors | July 24, 2013

Sprint Upcoming PhonesEngadget revealed an interesting screenshot loaded with phones to potentially be released on Sprint network soon. Three are as followed: BlackBerry Q10, Red HTC One, and the Ativ S Neo. The Q10 is expecting to arrive on August 20th, taking account to what Verizon and AT&T have priced their versions at $199.99 for the notorious BlackBerry phone. Look out for the Ativ S Neo to also hit the shelves in August, on the 16th. August 16 will also be the arrival date for the Red HTC One.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 is now up for sale in carrier’s stores

ByinNew Phones | June 6, 2013

Blackberry Q10 to buy at TMobileLast we heard, the BlackBerry Q10 was rumored to be launched by T-Mobile on June 5. And we heard correct. As expected, today the magenta carrier made the handset available for purchase online and in stores. The speculations about its price are also confirmed.

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AT&T now accepting pre-orders on BlackBerry Q10, shipping starting June 18th

ByinNew Phones | June 5, 2013

AT&T Blackberry Q10 Pre-OrderAT&T has a long-lasting relationship with BlackBerry. It was the first carrier in the US to offer BlackBerry smartphones and services. It is also worth mentioning that the first device running new BB10 OS, the BlackBerry Z10, had its debut on AT&T network. Starting today, AT&T customers can pre-order the second of the BB10 devices – the BlackBerry Q10. The phone costs $199.99 with a new 2-year service agreement and is expected to start shipping on June 18th.

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BlackBerry Q10 available for pre-order at Verizon Wireless, ships on June 6

ByinNew Phones | May 31, 2013

Blackberry Q10 VerizonAfter a long wait there is finally a ray of hope for those who have been anticipating the BlackBerry Q10. Verizon Wireless has just made the handset available for pre-order. This is great news for those users who have a hard time accepting all-touch phones looking for a premium device with QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Q10 will set you back $199.99 if you sign a 2-year service agreement, or $599.99 if you prefer not to get into a 24-month-long relationship with Verizon. The phone will start shipping on June 6.

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T-Mobile to begin taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10 on April 29

ByinAnnouncements | April 26, 2013

Blackberry Q10 in handEarlier T-Mobile announced that it would begin taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Q10 some time next week. Today, the carrier narrowed it down to April 29th as the date on which it will open pre-orders for business customers. However, neither availability nor pricing wasn’t revealed yet, so for these details you will have to wait a bit more. To give some idea of what to expect, BlackBerry’s suggested price for the Q10 is $249 on contract.

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BlackBerry Q10 release date and pricing in the US and Canada revealed

ByinAnnouncements | April 25, 2013

Coming Soon Blackberry Q10If you are waiting for some news about the upcoming BlackBerry Q10, we have a fresh set of details regarding expected release time and pricing. BlackBerry confirmed that in the US the phone will go on sale at the end of May, though no specific date was mentioned. As expected, customers in Canada, where the company is based, will be able to enjoy the handset a little earlier. The device will be available there starting May 1st.

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BlackBerry Q10 passed FCC, first BB10 phone with QWERTY keyboard on its way to US

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 17, 2013

Q10 Blackberry SmartphoneIt was a quite long wait, but it looks like the BlackBerry Q10 will be available in the US in the not so distant future. Following in the footsteps of the Z10, the Blackberry Q10 is the second device to run new BlackBerry 10 platform. The handset has just passed through the FCC, which means that was certified and is almost ready for launch. The Q10 is expected to be released on April 30 in Canada and should arrive in the U.S. about two weeks later. The time frame for the Q10 debut is still unofficial, however, you can expect some kind of formal announcement in the days to come.

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Sprint won’t sell BlackBerry Z10 but will bring the QWERTY keyboard and touch screen Q10

ByinAnnouncements | March 5, 2013

Z10 BlackberryIt looks like BlackBerry comeback did not go as planned and its latest phone, the Z10, will not be offered by all major carriers in the US. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are yet to announce the exact launch dates of the Blackberry Z10, which were delayed due to long testing period, but they confirmed that they will carry the handset. As you can see, Sprint is not on the list, so it is clear that the Now Network will be the only one of the ‘Big Four’ carriers in the US not to offer the touch screen BlackBerry Z10.

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When the new Blackberry 10 phones coming to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint

ByinAnnouncements | January 31, 2013

Blackberry 10 PhoneDuring a press event in New York City yesterday, BlackBerry, until recently known as RIM, announced the availability of its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, although the Z10 will not hit the stores until March and the Q10 April, a month later. BlackBerry chief executive blamed the delay on long testing periods and assured that everyone in the company is doing what it can be done do to pull the date in. Great news is that all four major carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, will offer the new Blackberry 10 phones, and here is what they had to say after the event.

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RIM announces Blackberry Q10, a touch-QWERTY hybrid phone formerly expected to be X10

ByinAnnouncements | January 30, 2013

New Blackberry Q10Today’s BlackBerry event in New York was not only about the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The company, previously known as RIM – Research In Motion, also announced today two new handsets to go with BB10 software, one of them being the fully touch screen Z10 and the other the touch-QWERTY hybrid Q10, which we thought would be the X10. The details surrounding this device have been leaked several times before this first official reveal, but as it appears they were not 100 percent correct.

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