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Verizon Nexus 7 4G LTE tablet on sale for $49.99 on contract

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | March 14, 2014

Verizon Nexus 7 SaleIt took some time for Verizon Wireless to bring the newest Google Nexus 7 4G LTE tablet to its network. Launched almost eight months ago, the slate arrived at Big Red stores just few weeks ago. Late release, however, doesn’t seem to be an obstacle to a quick price cut launching a sale. The carrier has just shaved $200 off the regular price and is having the tablet on sale for a very cheap price of $49.99 on contract. This is the most tempting deal on Nexus 7 with cellular connectivity so far.

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Verizon Nexus 7 4G LTE is now for sale directly from carrier’s online store

ByinTablets | February 13, 2014

Verizon Nexus 7It took some time for Verizon to bring the Google Nexus 7 LTE to its network but no complains, the tablet is finally here and is available for purchase directly from carrier’s store. For now, you can buy Verizon’s version of the slate online only; however, it will be available in retail stores soon. The Verizon Nexus 7 4G LTE will set you back $349.99 with month-to-month service, which is exactly how much you would pay for the tablet at the Google Play Store. Another option is to sign a new two-year contract and grab the device for $100 less, that is $249.99.

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New Nexus 7 Tablet is now ready for pre-order at price $229, ships on July 30

ByinTablets | July 24, 2013

New Google Nexus 7Channel that moment when you were a child and your birthday was coming up in a few days or weeks, your guardian sat you down, both of you guys smiling from ear to ear, you knowing that good news was to come, and then they surprise you with a birthday gift early! Best Buy decided to go on and put the highly anticipated new Nexus 7 up for pre-order. To follow that up in the best way possible, Sundar Pichai, chief of Android/Chrome hosted a special Nexus 7 announcement event that revealed impressive, and more importantly accurate to speculations, information on the next generation Google Nexus 7.

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Next generation of Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 coming to Best Buy stores on July 30th

ByinTablets | July 22, 2013

Next Generation Nexus 7A Best Buy ad revealed that July 30th the next generation of the Nexus 7, 16GB model, will be in stock for $229.99. The tablet will feature a 1920 x 1200 display, and a few noticeable modifications. Also a new-rear facing camera will be available, dual speakers, and a well-positioned notification light. The image revealed by Evleaks an image of the Nexus 7. The time on the image, is 4:30, hinting at the Android 4.3 platform, in addition to the stir of the recent launch of the new software Android 4.3. The Nexus tablets may be the first to feature the new OS.

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Google Nexus 7 price down to $179, may indicate that brand new model coming soon

ByinSales & Special Offers | July 10, 2013

Deal on Nexus 7 at StaplesPrice cuts are not unusual practice for retailers, however, they always cause a stir among customers and bring up the question about possible motives. The most common speculation is that a newer version of the product is on the way. Such is the case with the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Every sign seems to point to a brand new model arriving at the stores in the unspecified for the moment future. Probably it will happen rather sooner than later, since the retailers appear to be clearing stock by significantly reducing prices.

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TigerDirect sells 8GB Nexus 7 at price $119 with premium security software bundle

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | April 12, 2013

8GB Nexus 7Couple of days ago we told you about a sweet deal on the Nexus 7 tablet at TigerDirect. You have to admit that $199.99 for a 32 GB Asus-made device is a pretty tempting deal. Today we come back with another interesting offer from the same retailer. TigerDirect has cut the price on the 8 GB Nexus 7 and is selling the tablet for $119.99. Since the regular price was $229.98, it means no less than $110 in savings. The discounted price applies to refurbished units, but no worries – they are fully functional.

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TigerDirect has refurbished 32GB Nexus 7 on sale for $199.99

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | April 9, 2013

Nexus 7 by AsusThe first units of the Nexus 7 were launched in June 2012, and despite of being already over 9 months old, the fruit of Google and Asus cooperation is still one of the most attractive options for customers looking for a great Android tablet on market. The device combines good quality with a reasonable price level, which obviously adds to its popularity. And now you can have the tablet even cheaper as Tiger Direct is offering refurbished units for just $199.99.

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New Nexus 7 by Asus to be released around July with possible lower price tag

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | April 3, 2013

Nexus by GoogleWe have already heard rumors that Google’s next-generation Nexus 7 might not be powered by Nvidia chip. Today another source, more reliable than the previous ones, reported exactly the same information. According to Reuters, the new Google Nexus 7 may be released around July and will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of unknown type. The tablet will reportedly be called the Nexus 7.7 and, just like its predecessor, will be made by Asus.

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Nexus 7 Wi-Fi + Mobile Data on sale compatible with T-Mobile 3G network with free SIM card

ByinTablets | January 18, 2013

TMobile Nexus 7If purchasing the Nexus 7 to use with AT&T mobile data was not exactly what you had in mind, now you have an alternative. Google Play Store is selling a Wi-Fi + Mobile Data model that is compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network. The 32 GB Nexus 7 is unlocked and comes with a free T-Mobile SIM card. Unlike the AT&T model, we wrote about a couple days ago, the T-Mobile Nexus 7 will not come with $100 back in bill credit if you signed a two year contract, meaning that you will have to pay the regular price of $299.99. T-Mobile no contract plans come in 300MB, 1.5GB, 3.5GB and 5GB flavors for $15, $25, $35 and $50 per month respectively.

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Specs leak shows the new low-end Nexus 7 which may be on sale under a $100

ByinLeaks & Rumors, Tablets | December 2, 2012

Nexus 7 coming on sale under $100As you probably know Google is selling its 16GB version Nexus 7 tablet for $199. It may not seem that much for a tabled boosted with quad-core 1.2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and display with 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, but what would you say if you could buy the Nexus 7 for under $100? Impossible? Of course not. According to some sources, Google has already begun working with ASUS to manufacture an lower-end version of the popular Nexus 7, which would cost just $99.

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Buy Nexus 7 32GB Android Tablet $20 cheaper with coupon code discount

ByinSales & Special Offers | November 7, 2012

Nexus 7 Android TabletOne of the world’s cheapest Android tablets, the Nexus 7 just got better deal around. Radioshack just began accepting coupon code online on the 32GB version of the Nexus 7 giving shoppers $20 discount on the device. Once you visit Radioshack’s online store you will still see the initial price tag of $249, but if you add it to the cart, proceed to checkout and apply the promotional code: “RMN20”, you’ll get the Nexus 7 32GB for $229. This is a limited time offer, however, the time when it will end wasn’t disclosed yet. Therefore we recommend to hurry while supplies last.

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Nexus 7 is now $50 cheaper as Google introduced new Nexus tablets and smartphones

ByinSales & Special Offers, Tablets | October 29, 2012

Nexus tablets and smartphones‘The Playground is open!’ Google Play Store has been updated with three new Android powered devices: Nexus 4, Nexus 7 HSPA+ and Nexus 10. Everything that should be available today can be purchased right now, while the other products are waiting their turn and should be available for purchase on November 13th and 14th.

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Nexus 7 16GB now in stock at Google Play. Get the most popular Android tablet of 2012 Today

ByinTablets | July 31, 2012

Nexus 7 16GB now in stock at Google Play. Get the most popular Android tablet of 2012 Today
If you are thinking of getting yourself a new tablet, now is a good time to place an order, because the 16GB Nexus 7 is back in stock on Google Play store. The 2-week delay might have been caused by the Nexus 7 16GB being much more popular than the 8GB version, which would be quite understandable, since the operating system takes up to 2,5GB and with a HD movie or two waiting to be watched there is almost no space for music, videos or games in the 8GB tablet. The table can be purchased at the price of $199 for the 8GB model and $249 for the 16GB model.

Learn more about Nexus 7 Android Tablet

Nexus 7The Nexus 7 is a black table, 7.8 inches wide (landscape), 4.72 inches high and 0.4 inches deep, with 0.8-inch bezels (landscape position) which seems to be just the perfect size. It is big enough to play games or watch movies comfortably with the bezels providing support for your thumbs in landscape position, and it can fit in your pocket or a purse without a problem. It weighs 0.74 pounds so your hands won’t get tired even after using it for a long time, on the other side it is heavy enough not to feel like a fragile toy.

It looks thin thanks to a silver trim around the edges. The back is made of a soft material which feels like leather, but you can rest assured, it is 100% rubber so no animal gave its life for your tablet. The grippy texture has both “Nexus” and “Asus” embossed on it. Nexus 7 is designed to use in a portrait mode so the home screen is oriented that way and the camera is in the middle of the narrower bezel. On the right edge toward the top there is the power/lock button and the volume rocker.

Following the right edge down and around to the bottom reveals a headphone jack, with a Micro-USB port in the middle of bottom edge. Right above that, on the back is a horizontally aligned 2-inch-long speaker slit.

So that’s the look. Now, what is inside?

Nexus 7 Android TabletFirst of all, there is an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor running at 1.2GHz (though it can step up to 1.3GHz when it wants to), paired with 1GB of RAM with either 8 or 16 gigs of flash storage. The Nexus 7 features Bluetooth and NFC, GPS, an accelerometer, a digital compass and a gyroscope and you connect the Web via WiFi (802.11b/g/n). It can be summarized in three words: quality, efficiency and speed. The apps as well as websites (even graphics-heavy ones) load quickly and without a problem, and games and movies run smoothly.

The display offers a 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, 400 nits of brightness and wide viewing angles. The picture remains clear and sharp and with high contrast even if the tablet is lying on a flat surface. The speakers, however, may leave you wishing for something more. The quality of the sound at a moderate level is acceptable but the higher levels may give you a headaches since the quality drops down drastically. Well, you can always use your headphones.

Nexus 7 Android Cheap TabletThe 1.2-megapixel front camera serves mainly for video chats since there is no app for editing pictures or videos. There are, however, a number of other very useful applications like Google services: Play, Music, Books, Magazines, Google Maps, Google Plus, Gmail or Google Now, which displays current weather, local bus schedules or nearby restaurants. Google Play has been updated to include TV shows, purchasable movies, and magazines, but the prices may seem a bit too high. What is more, for some of the show only the last season is available. Movies and TV shows purchased through Google Play will stream by default and you’ll have to manually download them if you want them stored locally. That is a good thing, given that there is no slot to expand the memory, so it may help save some space.

Worth mentioning is also a Siri-like voice recognition app, which allows you to navigate the Web using your voice. While is may not serve as your personal assistant, it certainly is fun to use. A simple question like ‘Where can I get pizza?’ will result in Google Maps appearing on the screen and directing you to a pizzeria. The default browser is set to Chrome.

Nexus 7 16GBThe Nexus 7 runs on the newest version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Le latest incarnation of the OS can be personalized the same way as the previous ones but it seems to be more organized and better arranged. However, there is one thing that may annoy some people. The home screen is oriented vertically and does not rotate when you change the position of the table. While it works just fine with apps, the home screen remains locked in the portrait mode. It is not such a big flaw but still requires some getting used to.

Another feature of the new Android OS is improved precision when typing on the soft keyboard. The keys are just the right size and shape so it is much easier to type without making mistakes.

One more thing worth commenting on is the battery life. According to the manufacturer, the table can perform for up to almost 10 hours without having to charge the battery, depending of course on how you use the device. It is quite satisfactory but nevertheless, places Nexus 7 below the average in the tablet category, with the record belonging to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (12 hours).

Final conclusion?

The Nexus 7 16GB is a good choice for those who are looking for a stylish device to keep in touch with the virtual world or just relax on the couch. For a reasonable price of $249 (or $199 if 8GB of storage is enough for you) you get all you can wish for and even a bit more. Sure, there are some weak points (or maybe it depends on the point of view), but there is no doubt that Nexus 7 gets as close as possible to a perfect tablet.