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Neo N003 hands-on photos, scheduled for launch by the end of April

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 29, 2013

N003Remember when we introduced the Neo N003, an incredibly cheap high-end smartphone coming from China? Back then we had quite a few details about its specs and just a couple of render images. Now we are back with bunch of fresh news and photos of the handset. Neo has not been very forthcoming about the N003 explaining that the phone is not ready for the market yet. So does the appearance of these photos mean that it will hit the stores soon? Will see, nevertheless it corroborates with the news can be found on Neo’s forum where it says that the phone is scheduled for launch by the end of April.

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Neo Youth N003 confirmed as the cheapest smartphone on market with Full HD 1080p display

ByinAnnouncements | March 15, 2013

Neo YouthA few days ago we told you about the decently spec’ed and incredibly cheap smartphone from China, the Neo N003. The price for the phone was so low that was hard to believe that the leak could be true. Since the information came from a ‘source’ inside the company it should be classified as a rumor. Now Neo itself has not only confirmed the price for Neo N003 but also revealed it full specification. The handset will be launched in April and will be available in two versions – the Neo Youth which will cost 899 yuan, or around $145, and the Neo Premium model which will retail for 1,299 yuan, which is equivalent of $210.

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Neo N003 cheap phone from China at price $145 without contract

ByinLeaks & Rumors | March 9, 2013

Neo Phones from ChinaThe main share of gadgets is naturally coming from China. While some of them are of a questionable quality, the majority are top notch devices worth a closer look. If you add to this the access to a variety of cheaply produced parts, you get a user paradise where high-end smartphones are available at incredibly affordable prices, like the Neo’s next flagship Android smartphone, the Neo N003.

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Neo T001 is a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini clone priced at $65

ByinAnnouncements | March 8, 2013

Galaxy S III Mini CloneWhat can you do if you are on a tight budget but want a high-end smartphone real bad? Or a one looking like a high-end smartphone? You can buy a lottery ticket and hope to win a small fortune, you can wait for a deal or, if you are in China, you can opt for a clone. The thing with clones is that they look (almost) identical to the original but come with a tad less impressive specs, so if what matters to you most is the looks, the clone would do just fine. The same goes for mid-range devices, such as the Neo T001, which was based on the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

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