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4.7-inch LG G2 Mini officially announced with mid-range specs and low resolution screen

ByinAnnouncements | February 19, 2014

LG G2 MiniFirst indication that LG might be working on a smaller version of the LG G2 appeared back in December last year. As it usually happens in such cases, there was an outburst of rumors and speculations feeding our creative minds with ideas about the phone. Now we don’t have to imagine things any more, since the LG G2 Mini was officially announced today sporting mid-range specs and low resolution screen. Of course, we still expect the phone to be showcased at MWC next week, but it won’t have many secrets to reveal.

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LG confirms LG G2 Mini existence, will be announced on February 24th at MWC 2014

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 12, 2014

LG TeaserWhen leading smartphone makers, that is Samsung, HTC and Sony one by one were releasing miniaturized versions of their flagship phones, we were left to wonder if LG would take the same path. A mini version of the LG G2 has been vaguely mentioned a few times already, but we had no confirmation regarding neither LG G2 Mini existence nor other details such as possible announcement date or pricing.

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Rumor: 4.7-inch LG G2 Mini to be announced at CES 2014 with Snapdragon 800

ByinAnnouncements | December 11, 2013

LG G2Recently we have been observing an interesting trend. Smartphones keep growing in size reaching tablet measurements, but at the same time more and more manufacturers are introducing mini versions of these phones. And it’s a good thing that they are, because not everyone is ready to carry around a phone of the size of a small book. In most cases, these mini versions are slimmed down in terms of specs too. In other words, the HTC One Mini or Galaxy S4 Mini does not carry the same hardware as the original HTC One or Galaxy S4. There are, however, exceptions from this rule and the rumored LG G2 Mini appears to be one of them.

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