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Would you pay $1,500 for Google Glass if you knew that it may only cost $80 to manufacture?

ByinAnnouncements | May 4, 2014

Google Glass TeardownWe are all aware that what we pay for any electronic device is not what the device costs to manufacture. Let’s be honest, hundreds of people are involved in the process of production, distribution, marketing and selling of the device and every single one of them has to earn their money. It’s logical that the price customer pays is higher than what the actual materials cost. But do you know how much higher? Here is an example that will leave you speechless. Google Glass sold for $1500 is actually worth $80 in pieces.

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Google intros Titanium Collection frames for Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses

ByinSmartglasses | January 28, 2014

Google Glass with Corrective LensesToday Google made good on its promise to deliver frames for Google Glass that would accommodate corrective lenses. This makes the wearable gadget much more friendly to those users who wear prescription glasses. The new lineup frames are called Titanium Collection and are available in four styles – Thin, Classic, Bold, and Split. Each frame costs $225 and will be shipped with non-prescription lenses, which you will later be able to change for prescription lenses.

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Google Glass coming this year at price under $1500, the headset is opened for pre-orders

ByinAnnouncements, Smartglasses | February 23, 2013

Google Glass HeadsetA few days after Google posted a video giving you a taste of what to expect from the Google Glass, the company made an announcement about the headset’s expected launch date and pricing. A “fully polished” version of the device will be available to consumers by the end of this year and will cost less than $1,500 when it goes on sale. That is great news and Google fans have been waiting for it for quite some time.

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