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The dirt cheap phones will offer vastly better graphics soon

ByinAnnouncements | February 25, 2016

Imagination Technologies just launched a new PowerVR XE GPU
Each generation of smartphones brings a number of improvements compared to predecessors. Of course, it applies not only to the most premium devices, but to mid-range and low-end ones too. However, even with all those improvements, budget smartphones are still way behind top-of-the-line offerings. It’s going to change in the near future, though, at least as far as graphics experience is concerned. If all goes as planned, the dirt cheap phones will offer vastly better graphics soon.

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Samsung foldable display patent may hint how the new Galaxy Note 4 will look like

ByinLeaks & Rumors | April 27, 2014

Samsung foldable displaySamsung has been making attempts at non-standard displays for some time now. The goal for many smartphone makers is to release a device with a flexible display and that’s what Samsung is aiming at too. The first step was to use a curved display in the Galaxy Round. The phone wasn’t exactly flexible but showed that the technology has its potential. Now it’s time for the idea to unfold. Literally. According to a patent application which appeared online, Samsung is almost ready to use a truly flexible display in an actual device. It may be the first hint how the new Galaxy Note 4 will look like.

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Top 10 smartphone displays / touch screens – Differences

ByinTips & Guides | April 25, 2014

Sony DisplayTouch screen is the most important part of a smartphone, at least from the point of view of an average user. The quality of a display depends on a number of factors such as its size, resolution and technology employed. When you look for a new phone, especially if you are an inexperienced user, you may feel overwhelmed by mysterious abbreviations and numbers used to describe the screen of a smartphone. Let’s go over the most poplar types of displays one by one, so you will feel more comfortable choosing the one that’s best for you when the time comes.

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Samsung Galaxy Q to come with two flexible and foldable displays

ByinLeaks & Rumors | February 4, 2013

Phones with Foldable DisplaysWhen you think you have seen it all when it comes to mobile technology, there pops up a news that makes you open your eyes in bewilderment. A while ago, that was the case with 5-inch displays with 1080p resolution, quad-core processors, and 2 GB of RAM, all of which are becoming a standard now. There is one thing though, that has been talked about for quite some time and still remains the subject of discussions and speculations and the object of desire of many gadget fans.

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