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ZTE Blade X offering fingerprint scanner for cheap is now ready to buy at Cricket store

ByinNew Phones | October 21, 2017

ZTE Blade X offering fingerprint scanner for cheap

On the market for a budget-friendly smartphone? If so, then ZTE and Cricket may have something for you. The fourth largest smartphone vendor nationwide has just launched a new Blade-series phone. Available exclusively at Cricket Wireless, the ZTE Blade X offers a package of decent mid-range specs and a pleasant surprise in a form of a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner- a feature still rarely found in handsets in this price point.

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Cricket sells contract free Blade X Max phablet at price $99 for new customers

ByinNew Phones | May 14, 2017

Cricket Wireless is going to expand its portfolio by Blade X Max

A month after releasing the MAX XL on Boost Mobile prepaid network, ZTE introduced another affordable phablet for another prepaid service provider. Earlier this week, the company has shared the news that they’re launching the ZTE Blade X Max at Cricket Wireless. As of now the phone can be yours for less than $150 contract-free.

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ZTE Grand X 4 is now for sale at Cricket Wireless priced $129.99

ByinAnnouncements | November 19, 2016

ZTE releases the Grand X 4
China- based mobile maker ZTE put all their efforts to conquer the US market. Shortly after launching the Axon 7 Mini, the company is ready to release another affordable device. Hitting the market just in time for the biggest shopping season, the ZTE Grand X 4 becomes available in the States. Distributed by Cricket Wireless the phone is within your reach since November 18th priced at $129.99.

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ZTE and Cricket launched a $199 phablet that packs 6-inch FHD screen, octa-core processor and huge battery

ByinNew Phones | May 24, 2016

ZTE and Cricket launched a $199.99 phablet
When phablets first appeared on the market, some skeptics predicted that they would have a short-lived carrier. It didn’t happen, though. On the contrary, customers fell in love with large-screen phones so displays kept growing in size and today you might have a hard time finding a handset which measures below 5 inches. It proves that huge screens are what users want so in order to make their customers happy, ZTE and Cricket launched a $199.99 phablet that packs a 6-inch FHD screen, octa-core processor and huge battery.

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Cricket launches two cheap Galaxy phones: Amp Prime and Amp 2

ByinNew Phones | March 30, 2016

Cricket launches two cheap Galaxy phones to its portfolio.
The first quarter of 2016 is over and it was very fruitful for Samsung. During these three months, the company released a number of smartphones such as the premium Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and the mid-range Galaxy J5 and J7. However, Samsung caters to the needs of all its customers, including lower-end crowd. With these users in mind, the manufacturer announced two new cheap phones, the Galaxy Amp Prime and Amp 2, both of which are destined for Cricket.

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ZTE Grand X3 is now on sale at AT&T’s Cricket Wireless online store priced $129.99

ByinAnnouncements | January 30, 2016

ZTE Grand X3 to join Cricket Wireless list of offerings
On Friday Cricket Wireless announced the full featured ZTE Grand X3 to join their list of offerings. The phone debuts equipped with a 5-inch screen, quad-core processor and a pretty massive battery. Labeled with an extremely affordable price tag the phone comes as an offer for all those budget-conscious customers who demand more for their dollars.

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Cricket launches HTC Desire 520 and offers smartphones starting as low as $19.99

ByinNew Phones, Sales & Special Offers | September 11, 2015

If you are feeling sad about summer ending, Cricket has something that may cheer you up, especially if you are in the market for a new affordable phone. The carrier has just added the HTC Desire 520 to its portfolio and is selling the phone for a budget-friendly price of only $99.99. There is even more good news – Cricket kicked off fall season with price cuts on a bunch of devices and is now offering smartphones for as low as $19.99 for new customers.

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LG G Stylo and HTC Desire 626s for Cricket prepaid service are now on sale via carrier’s stores

ByinPhones Without Contract | August 17, 2015

Have you been thinking about joining Cricket Wireless but couldn’t find the right phone to go with the service? You may want to check again. The prepaid carrier just added two new devices to its portfolio – the LG G Stylo and HTC Desire 626s. Both phones are now on sale via carrier’s local stores and can be ordered online.

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Cricket and ZTE launches Android smartphone that costs only $50 without contract, free after mail-in rebate

ByinFREE Phones | May 29, 2015

Cricket ZTE Overture2
High-end phones are cool but fancy features and cutting-edge technological solutions are pricy. If you are looking for an affordable phone with decent specs, you may want to check out the latest addition to Cricket’s portfolio. The carrier together with Chinese company ZTE launched an Android smartphone that costs only $50 without contract, and can be yours free after $50 mail-in rebate. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the ZTE Overture 2.

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Galaxy Grand Prime for Cricket is now on sale in carrier’s stores priced $179 without contract

ByinAnnouncements | April 11, 2015

Cricket LogoLooking at the number of articles dedicated to the Galaxy S6 (and the Edge model), you would think that it’s the only smartphone Samsung has released in a long time. Naturally, it’s not. Samsung is a very active mobile maker – arguably one that makes the most smartphones each year. The Galaxy S6 happens to be its latest and most premium device released so far; however, there are several more Galaxies just waiting to be noticed and appreciated. One of such phones is the Galaxy Grand Prime released recently in the US via Cricket Wireless prepaid network. The handset is now on sale in carrier’s stores priced at $179.99 without contract.

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ZTE Grand X Max+ phablet for Cricket Wireless is now available priced $199 with no annual contract

ByinNew Phones | January 9, 2015

ZTE Grand X MaxLong gone are the times when all phones were more or less the same size. Now you can find handsets in all sizes, the average measuring 5 inches diagonally. Objectively speaking, a 5-inch phone is a pretty big device. However, as the tendency to make things bigger continues, many users look for even larger phones. With such users in mind, the 6-inch ZTE Grand X Max+ was made. The phablet is now available for purchase from Cricket Wireless priced at $199.99 with no annual contract.

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The new 6-inch ZTE Grand X Max phablet coming to budget carrier Cricket on October 10th

ByinNew Phones | October 7, 2014

ZTE Grand X MaxAt the beginning of August Cricket Wireless launched the big and affordable ZTE Grand X Android smartphone. Objectively speaking, the Grand X is a large device; however, if those 5-inches are not enough to keep you entertained and your fingers yearn for more room to tap and swipe, you can get your wish very soon. The new 6-inch ZTE Grand X Max phablet is coming to budget carrier Cricket Wireless on October 10th.

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HTC Desire 510 coming to the US via Cricket Wireless on September 19th

ByinAnnouncements | September 11, 2014

HTC Desire 510 by Cricket Cricket wireless boasts that will be among the first to launch the HTC Desire 510 in the United States. The smartphone will be available in all Cricket stores as well as online next week on September 19th. Additionally the phone will be sold in GameStop retails located across the U.S. with Cricket’s no-annual contract wireless service which is set to follow in October. This is the result of the partnership between the two companies that was announced earlier this week, the GameStop will be selling Cricket service in its locations.

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ZTE Grand X for Cricket Wireless is now available in carrer’s stores

ByinPhones Without Contract | August 8, 2014

Grand XBack-to-school promotions are popping up like mushrooms across carriers and retailers who use this powerful tool to woo potential customers to buy a new phone. If indeed you need one but your budget won’t allow you to go crazy with high-end specification, Cricket Wireless might have something you will like. The ZTE Grand X has just been added to the portfolio and is now available in carrier’s store and online. The phone costs just $99 with a $50 mail-in rebate and obviously doesn’t require a contract.

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The new Cricket Wireless launches Nokia Lumia 1320 Windows 8 Phablet

ByinPhones Without Contract | June 13, 2014

Cricket Lumia 1320Nokia announced the 6-inch Lumia 1320 Windows 8 phablet in October last year as an affordable massive smartphone for masses. As weeks turned into months and there wasn’t as much as a rumor suggesting that at some point the device would make it across the US border. We simply assumed that the device was destined for developing markets only where should receive more attention thanks to its competitive price tag. It turns out that the big boy is up for grabs in the US after all. The new Cricket Wireless network, revamped after merger with AT&T, has just launched the Nokia Lumia 1320 at a price of $229.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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LG Optimus L70 for Cricket is now available from carrier’s store

ByinNew Phones | June 8, 2014

Cricket Optimus L70What a better way to celebrate launching of a new service than with a brand new phone? AT&T’s new Cricket Wireless service has been up and running for about two weeks now and the carrier is already looking to expand its Android smartphone portfolio. Starting today Cricket customers can have a wider range of devices to choose from thanks to the addition of the LG Optimus L70 to the roster. The phone is now available from carrier’s stores for just $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate.

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Cricket launches new iPhones priced lower than expected: iPhone 5S at $599, iPhone 5C at $499

ByinAnnouncements | October 25, 2013

Apple iPhonesCricket has just welcomed the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in its portfolio becoming the last of the wireless carriers to start offering Apple’s latest smartphones. The new iPhones are up for grabs from Cricket retail stores or via Cricket’s web site. Both phones are priced lower than expected, selling below their full retail price. The Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S costs $599.99, while the iPhone 5C, also referred to as „budget” iPhone, will set you back $499.99.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 for Cricket is now available at carrier’s online store

ByinNew Phones | June 4, 2013

White Galaxy S4 for CricketThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is available on almost every US carrier, including Cricket Wireless. The carrier has just opened pre-orders for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. The phone can be yours for $474.99. This is how much you will have to pay after a $125 discount, including a $55 mail-in rebate and a $70 web discount. Cricket will start shipping the Galaxy S4 in three days, on June 7. As a bonus, the handset will be bundled with a free matching flip cover.

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Cricket to offer Samsung Galaxy S4, Admire 2 and Galaxy Discover

ByinAnnouncements | May 23, 2013

CricketAfter the latest announcement, Cricket’s chances to score new customers this summer have gone up a few notches. What exactly did the carrier say? That it will start offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 on June 4. As you may expect, Samsung’s latest flagship phone is not the cheapest one and will cost $599 upfront. There is also another option. You can grab the phone for $54.99 down and pay off the remaining value with monthly installments. Obviously, you will have to pick one of Cricket’s service plans, which start at $45 per month.

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HTC One SV with Beats Audio coming to Cricket Wireless on January 16th

ByinAnnouncements | January 4, 2013

HTC One SV Beats AudioClap your hands for Cricket Wireless, which is the first carrier to launch the HTC One SV in the US. The pre-paid carrier today announced that will expand its offer with the HTC One SV, which has already debuted in Europe and Asia last year. The handset will be available online and in carrier select stores starting January 16th, and will be sold for $349.99 without contract.

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