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Need a luxurious Vertu smartphone for cheap? Leagoo Venture 1 from China is your call

ByinAnnouncements | February 8, 2017

The Leagoo Venture 1 offers premium leather design at affordable price
Vertu phones surely don’t need a special introduction. Considered the most snobbish smartphones they’re out of reach of majority of mobile users. But if you like the Vertu’s distinctive look but cannot afford its pricing, China-based Leagoo’s latest release may catch your attention. The Leagoo Venture 1 offers the same premium leather design at the price of an affordable phone making the Vertu’s luxury available to masses.

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Good news, the Galaxy Note 7 clone is not as boombastic as the original and costs only $139.99

ByinAnnouncements | November 2, 2016

Elephone S7 will be available in three storage versions
Global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 left hundreds of thousands of users heartbroken. Especially suffering are those who already had their precious phablet, could enjoy its awesome features but had to return it to store. Unfortunately, what prompted the recall wasn’t just a cosmetic defect that you could simply ignore. The device posed serious danger to users’ health or even life so there was really no question as to whether it could be kept. If, in that short period of time, you fell in love with the phone so much that you can’t imagine not having a handset that looks just like the Note 7, we have some good news for you. Coming our way from China is a Galaxy Note 7 clone which is not as boombastic as the original and costs only $139.99.

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Elephone S7 smartphone is the best Galaxy S7 Edge clone priced under $100

ByinAnnouncements | September 28, 2016

Elephone S7 smartphone is a Galaxy S7 Edge clone
The Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is surely one of the hottest phones currently available on the market. However many customers resign from its purchase due to its really whooping price. Conscious of that China-based mobile maker, Elephone, released a device being almost a carbon copy of the Samsung’s flagship. The Elephone S7 surprises with identical design to the original, killer specs, dual-edge screen and a price tag that make this deal a steal.

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The iNew U9 is a 6-inch phone with slim bezels that cost less than $100

ByinAnnouncements | June 23, 2016

The iNew U9 is a 6-inch phone that cost less than $100
If you are in the market for an cheap smartphone, there are plenty to choose from, although it may not seem like it, since the most premium device receive most of our attention. However, basically all manufacturers have a model or two aimed at less demanding customers. In fact, many companies specialize in launching phones made with budget-conscious users in mind, like iNew. The Chinese smartphone just unveiled a new handset – the iNew U9 which is a 6-inch phablet that cost less than $100.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3s is a $109 smartphone featuring fingerprint scanner and metal clad

ByinAnnouncements | June 15, 2016

Xiaomi Redmi 3s is a smartphone featuring fingerprint scanner
A year after the Redmi Note 3’s debut on its home market of China, Xiaomi introduced an improved version of the handset to its second biggest market. Targeting at India, the Redimi 3S comes powered by a better processor and supports a fingerprint reader, a feature we won’t find in the standard version of the phone. Most importantly, the phone is a pretty cheap offering labeled with a price tag of $109.

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ZTE introduced a $100 phone featuring bezel-less screen, fingerprint sensor and metal body

ByinAnnouncements | June 12, 2016

Blade A2 phone featuring fingerprint sensor and metal body
When you think about a super inexpensive phone, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Most folks would probably answer bulky, unattractive design, cheap materials, very modest hardware and poor performance. While this image is true for many ultra affordable devices, some manufacturers manage to include respectable components in their handsets and still sell the phones at budget-friendly prices. When it comes to decently spec’ed yet inexpensive devices, China is indisputable leader. Take for example ZTE. The company just introduced the Blade A2, a $100 phone featuring fingerprint sensor and metal body.

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Samsung Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5 2016 models just got official

ByinAnnouncements | March 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy J series has two new members
While thousands of users still have their minds set on the Galaxy S7, Samsung already moved on to another phone. Actually, earlier today the company unveiled not one but two models, both aimed at somewhat less demanding customers. The phones that just got official belong to the Galaxy J series and are called Galaxy J5 and J7. The names sound familiar? They should, since both devices are 2016 versions of models that were launched last year under the same names.

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Leagoo Alfa 1 for $99.99 offers SIM-lock free phone in metal body powered by Android Lollipop

ByinPhones Without Contract | December 21, 2015

Meet the $99 phone.
Looking for a capable contract-free smartphone that won’t cut you already hardly breathing after Christmas shopping frenzy budget to the bone? If so, then you may like to know that Leagoo, a brand that belongs to the Chinese OTEDA group, has just released a new mid-tier smartphone labeled with more than a budget-friendly price tag. Costing as little as $99.99 the SIM lock free Alfa 1 phone comes closed in an attractively looking slim metal body and Android 5.1 Lollipop out of box.

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Huawei announced a 6-inch smartphone dressed in a beautiful, expensive-looking body – meet the new Mate 8

ByinAnnouncements | December 5, 2015

Huawei announced an 6-inch smartphone
After weeks of nervous awaiting the Mate 8 has finally made its first official public appearance. Announced today’s morning in Shanghai the new flagship handset from the rising Chinese manufacturer comes with a ginormous 6-inch display and Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the board. Although so far the phone is a China-only offering, Huawei promises to release its international version within the following months.

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ZTE launches the cheapest phone featuring fingerprint sensor priced under $100

ByinAnnouncements | December 5, 2015

Phone featuring fingerprint scanner
It wasn’t so long ago that a fingerprint scanner could be found only in a handful of the most high-end and consequently expensive phones. As a result, very few users could enjoy this option. Today basically all flagship devices are equipped with a fingerprint scanner and it’s slowly making its way to lower tiers of the market becoming available to a much wider audience. The cheapest phone featuring fingerprint sensor was just launched in China by ZTE and it’s priced under $100.

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Xiaomi launches the Mi 4c Android smartphone offering incredible hardware for cheap

ByinAnnouncements | September 23, 2015

Xiaomi Mi 4c Back Camera
We have seen our share of cheap phones this year. Some of them scream “cheap” from the moment you see them and you don’t even have to take a look at the list of specs, which obviously in most cases are not very impressive. Most, but not all. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi once again proved that it’s possible to equip a handset with great specs yet keep the price in check. The company just unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 4c Android smartphone offering incredible hardware for budget price.

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Huawei Honor 7i gets official sporting a flip-out rear camera that goes all 180 degrees to transform into a selfie shooter

ByinAnnouncements | August 20, 2015

Huawei Honor 7i
Last week we came across a leak that hinted that Huawei was working on a new phone with a rather unconventional camera. The device passed TENAA a few days before which clearly suggested that it would go official pretty soon. It just did. Huawei announced the handset called Honor 7i sporting a flip-out rear camera that goes all 180 degrees to transform into a selfie shooter.

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Samsung debuts the Galaxy A8 with largish display and ultra slim body

ByinAnnouncements | July 14, 2015

Galaxy A8
There is no doubt, it’s a very busy year for Samsung. We are just seven months into 2015 and the company has already launched a bunch of new devices and apparently has no intention of stopping anytime soon. Samsung’s latest phone belongs to the A series which up until now had just three members – the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. The new handset, called Galaxy A8, debuted earlier today in China with a largish display and ultra slim body.

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Huawei debuts the Honor 7 featuring 20MP camera and fingerprint sensor

ByinAnnouncements | June 30, 2015

Honor 7 Android Smartphone
It looks like our yesterday’s prediction regarding the Honor 7’s launch date were spot-on. As expected, earlier today at an official press event, Huawei debuted the Honor 7 featuring some impressive specs such as a 20-megapixel rear camera and fingerprint sensor. What we didn’t expect was the multitude of variants. It turns out that instead of the rumored two models, the Honor 7 will actually come in three versions: low priced, dual-SIM and the one offering massive storage for your apps, games and photos.

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Full metal Meizu MX 5 debuts offering a solid punch

ByinAnnouncements | June 30, 2015

Meizu MX 5
Earlier today during its special event in its home country of China Meizu officially unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the Meizu MX5. Being a sequel to the last year’s Meizu MX4 the phone debuts dressed in a full metal body case offering a solid punch delivered by the Helio X10 Turbo 8-core processor complete with PowerVR G6200 GPU and 3GB RAM.

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Doogee challenges OnePlus with the new Doogee F3 affordable high-end smartphone

ByinAnnouncements | June 21, 2015

Premium smartphones can cost a small fortune, especially those made by the most popular manufacturers. However, users who don’t care much about the logo on the back can score a pretty premium device at a relatively cheap price. Until now, the OnePlus One offered arguably the best specs to price ratio, but the situation may change in the near future. Chinese company Doogee aims to challenge OnePlus with its new Doogee F3 affordable yet high-end smartphone.

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Huawei Honor 7 and Oppo A51 have been certified by TENAA

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 6, 2015

Huawei & Oppo
It came to our attention that two major Chinese smartphone makers, Huawei and Oppo, are about to release new devices. Both companies have launched a bunch of interesting phones in the past few months and apparently they won’t stop there. How do we know? Because the Huawei Honor 7 and the Oppo A51 just got certified by TENAA – China’s federal agency equivalent to the FCC in the US.

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HTC intros a new high-end Android Lollipop smartphone powered by MediaTek Helio X10 processor

ByinAnnouncements | June 4, 2015

New HTC One ME
Today HTC officially added a new premium class Android Lollipop smartphone to their line-up, the One ME. Previously known as the One ME9, the new handset is the first phone to debut with the MediaTek’s Helio X10 processor on the board. Being an exclusive Chinese offering the One ME combines hardware and body design inspired by the One M9+ with the One E9+ powerful 20MP back camera sensor.

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Oppo R7 and R7 Plus get official, both will go on sale tomorrow in China and next month worldwide

ByinAnnouncements | May 20, 2015

Oppo R7

Oppo has many devoted fans in its home market China, but elsewhere the brand has been fairly unrecognizable so far. This year the company celebrates its 10th birthday and finally begins to mark its presence in other regions. Oppo began as a maker of entry-level devices and now is moving up towards high-end tier. Its latest offerings the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus which went official earlier today are the best proof. Both phones will go on sale tomorrow in China and next month worldwide.

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Galaxy S6 Clone from China costs only $110

ByinAnnouncements | May 12, 2015

Landvo S6
Chinese companies have been forever in the business of making the most popular smartphones clones. Some of the clones only vaguely resemble the original, which usually happens when the manufacturer draws its knowledge from leaks and rumors. Once in a while, however, a clone is released that is an exact copy of the phone it’s based on, down to the tiniest details of design. One such clone of the Samsung Galaxy S6 has just hit the market and it costs only $110.

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