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BLU S1 phone can be yours for free when you switch to Sprint

ByinFREE Phones, New Phones | November 1, 2017

BLU S1 phone can be yours for free when you switch to Sprint
BLU has just launched its very first smartphone dedicated to Sprint network, making it compatible with both Sprint itself and the network’s prepaid subsidiaries like Boost Mobile. Just as always with BLU’s devices, the BLU S1 is sold unlocked and offers a great money-to-value ratio. If you act fast enough you can grab this cool device with a significant discount from Amazon, or completely for free if you switch to Sprint.

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BLU Vivo 8L unlocked phone featuring 20MP “Super Selfie” front camera is now ready to buy in the US for just $149

ByinNew Phones | October 25, 2017

BLU Vivo 8L unlocked phone is now ready to buy in the US
Hunting for an affordable Android smartphone with great front camera and decent specs? If so, we have a great news for you. Yesterday, BLU – the US phone maker known for delivering devices with extremely good money-to-value ratio– has announced a new smartphone called the Vivo 8L. Except for an incredibly low price tag and massive battery, the handset offers a 20MP “Super Selfie” camera.

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Blu launched Advance A5 and A5 Plus featuring metal body, Android Nougat and priced under $100

ByinAnnouncements | September 10, 2017

Blu launched A5 Plus

Looking for a capable Android phone that won’t ruin your budget? If so, then Blu may have something for you. Recently this Miami-based mobile maker began selling not one, but two brand new smartphones offering good value for your buck. Both devices, the Advance A5 and the Advance A5 Plus are cheap Android smartphones offering package of solid mid-range specs and metal design. Let’s take a closer look at them.

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Blu discontinues the Blu R1 HD and debuts the R1 Plus successor

ByinNew Phones | April 28, 2017

BLU added a new affordable device to its portfolio
Looking for an affordable Android phone? Then how about the BLU R1 Plus? Debuting today the 5.5-inch phone is a successor to the popular R1 HD. The phablet is available at Best Buy for less than $140 without long term contract. For that money you will get a pretty capable handset with a beefy battery that will ship to you in the first week of May. Additionally does not need long term contracts and is SIM-lock free which means that is compatible for any GSM services including AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS or Cricket.

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BLU launches a good, basic Android phone at a solid price

ByinAnnouncements | March 18, 2017

The X2 Mini is a smaller sibling of the well-known One X2
Majority of us, phone users, are quite skeptical when it comes to Mini versions of smartphones, remember Galaxy S5 Mini or HTC One Mini? Stereotypically, we hear “Mini” and see a phone with poorer specs, smaller screen and a lower price tag. However, BLU takes attempt to change this state of things by releasing the BLU Life One X2 Mini which is smaller but simultaneously more powerful and hence more expensive than its bigger sibling.

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Blu unveils a new heavy duty smartphone that can really take a beating

ByinAnnouncements | February 12, 2017

Blu unveils a new heavy duty smartphone
Those familiar with the affordable smartphone market have surely come across Blu handsets more than just once. Florida-based Blu is known for delivering devices offering respectful specs-to-price ratio. This time the company decided to try their chances on the ruggedized phone sector. Called the Blu Rank Xtreme 5.0 the Blu’s newest offering  that can really take a beating as it comes dressed in a heavy duty rubber armor.

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BLU Vivo XL2 unlocked smartphone is out bringing greater value for an exceptionally low price

ByinAnnouncements | January 25, 2017

BLU Vivo XL2 is already open for order at Amazon
BLU Products, ‘considered the leader on the US market of unlocked phones‘, has just announced the second gen of its highly successful BLU Vivo XL. The BLU Vivo XL2 sports all those features we love in its predecessor like supreme design, generous specs and improved camera parameters, proving one more time that low price doesn’t have to come at the cost of quality. Looking like a million dollars, the phablet brings even greater value for exceptionally low price.

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BLU launches a SIM lock free smartphone with fingerprint scanner, 4GB RAM and 64GB storage priced under $200

ByinPhones Without Contract | September 22, 2016

BLU launches a SIM lock free smartphone
This Thursday BLU expanded its affordable smartphone line by another device. Freshly announced the Life One X2 is an Android phone packing 4GB RAM, 64GB of built-in storage and a fingerprint scanner. Along with the really impressive specs, the handset comes with equally great price tag. Sold SIM-lock free the phone may be yours for just $200. Plus, if you purchase it quickly enough, BLU will grant you with an extra bonus discount.

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Blu Vivo 5R is an aluminum smartphone with fingerprint scanner and Sony-class camera for less than $200

ByinNew Phones | September 12, 2016

Blu debuts Vivo 5R
So far we all identified a metal body as one of the features defining flagship smartphones. However, US-located manufacturer BLU put all their efforts to change this state of things and released the BLU VIVO 5R. Priced for less than $200 the refresh of the VIVO 5 comes dressed in an aluminum shell – a design reserved for premium devices- and boasts a package of solid specs with the biggest focus on optics.

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SIM-lock free Blu Pure XR is now available to buy through online retailers priced $299

ByinNew Phones | August 30, 2016

The BLU Pure XR is now official
BLU may not be as popular as Samsung or Apple, but over the past few years the company managed to make a name for itself in the US especially among budget-conscious customers. Although the Miami-based smartphone maker is famous mostly for a lower-end and mid-range offerings, it also has a few pretty high-end devices in its portfolio, all of them quite affordable. A couple of weeks ago on its Facebook profile BLU revealed that a new member of the Pure lineup would go official soon and as expected, the SIM-lock free BLU Pure XR is now available to buy through online retailers priced at just $299.

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BLU teases its new flagship smartphone for 2016, kicks off a giveaway so you can get one out of charge

ByinAnnouncements | August 16, 2016


In less than two weeks BLU will unveil its newest flagship phone

Miami-based BLU company is a mobile manufacturer appreciated for delivering affordable phones offering a combination of modern design and great performance. After releasing several lower-end smartphones like Studio Touch and R1 HD, the mobile maker is preparing to unveil a new flagship. If to believe recent news, the BLU Pure XR will pack some high-end specs including 4GB RAM and use top quality materials like metal and glass. All these may soon be yours for less than $300, or completely out of charge if you enter the BLU giveaway contest.

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BLU launches a new cheap phone featuring fingerprint scanner and metal body

ByinNew Phones | July 29, 2016

BLU releases a new phone with fingerprint scanner
Famous from delivering lower-cost alternatives to flagships from more noble brands, BLU surprises us one more time. This time the Miami-based manufacturer releases the BLU Studio Touch, an aluminum made smartphone offering a fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE and Android 6.0 Marshmallow experience. Selling the phone for less than $100, BLU proves that a capable and nicely looking phone doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Blu launches another bigger and better phablet powered by a hefty 5,000 mAh battery

ByinNew Phones | July 15, 2016

Energy XL is a phablet sporting massive 6-inch screen and an equally impressive 5,020 mAh battery
Following the latest trend mobile manufacturers compete with each other to deliver better and bigger phones, simply forgetting that the energy-consuming hardware requires more powerful batteries. But this may change soon. Today known from delivering generously equipped phones at competitive pricing, Blu released the Energy XL, a phablet sporting massive 6-inch screen and an equally impressive 5,020 mAh battery.

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Unlocked Blu Energy JR is a phone with 3 day battery life that cost less than $40

ByinAnnouncements | May 9, 2016

Energy JR is a phone with 3 day battery life
Miami-based manufacturer of affordable Android-based smartphones – BLU – has just announced a new extremely budget-friendly handset joining their list of offerings. Called BLU Energy JR the phone delivers compact size factor and a battery promised to provide its potential users with 3 days of usage on a single charge. However, although the phone costs less than a prepaid mobile plan, it hides hardware parameters we didn’t even think to find in a phone launched in 2016, even a low-end one.

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BLU kicks off two Android Marshmallow unlocked smartphones priced below $100

ByinAnnouncements | April 27, 2016

Blu kicks off two Android Marshmallow unlocked smartphones
Smartphones tend to be rather expensive devices, especially the ones with prestigious branding and equipped with premium hardware. However, luckily for users who can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg for a handset, there are manufacturers that are in the habit of launching very affordable phones. One of such manufacturers is a US-based company named BLU. And you know what? BLU just kicked off two Android Marshmallow unlocked smartphones priced below $100.

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BLU Vivo 5 and Vivo XL got official at Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas

ByinAnnouncements | January 10, 2016

BLU presented another members to the popular Vivo series
Specializing in releasing premium Android smartphones at comparatively low pricing BLU has just introduced two new devices. At CES 2016 expo, the Florida-based manufacturer presented another members to its popular Vivo series, the Vivo 5 and Vivo XL. Both phablets combine great hardware and beautifully-crafted metal unibody design. Let’s take a close-up at them.

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Unlocked Blu Life One X low-cost Android phone with Dual SIM and 4G LTE is now on sale

ByinAnnouncements | December 13, 2015

Unlocked Blu Life One X
Famous for delivering budget-friendly yet capable phones Blu releases the Life One X which is claimed to be the company’s own more affordable alternative to the well-known Moto G. Packed with pretty nice specs and labeled with a sub-$150 price tag, the phone is already on sale unlocked compatible with any GSM carrier of your choice. Additionally, to make the deal even more attractive, Blue throws a special rebate to each model of the Life One X bought until December 12.

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BLU Studio 7.0 LTE phablet debuts with 7-inch screen and 4G LTE speeds at price $199 for sim-lock free device

ByinAnnouncements | October 30, 2015

7-inch BLU Studio 7.0 phablet in hands
When last year BLU announced the Studio 7.0, it was officially named world’s largest smartphone. The device held that title for a very long time, since not many internationally recognized manufacturers decided to follow in the Miami-based company’s footsteps and launch a smartphone of such monstrous size. The Studio 7.0 has a successor, though. The BLU Studio 7.0 LTE has just debuted with a 7-inch screen and 4G LTE speeds at a price of $199 for SIM-lock free device.

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Blu announces two new cheap smartphones with huge batteries lasting 3 – 4 days on one charge

ByinPhones Without Contract | October 16, 2015

BLU ENERGY X Smartphone
When new smartphones were introduced to the market, they improved user experience in almost every aspect. “Almost” is a key word here. One area that suffered greatly was battery life. First time smartphone users may even feel very disappointed, since the amount of usage time you get on a single charge on a smartphone is way shorter than on a feature phone. Not on BLU’s latest phones, though. The Miami-based manufacturer just announced two new cheap smartphones with huge batteries.

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The thinnest LTE smartphone in the US will cost you less than $200 thanks to the new Blu Vivo Air LTE

ByinNew Phones | September 9, 2015

Vivo Air LTE in White
Some time back, ultra slim smartphones were all the rage, but then it appeared that manufacturers hit a certain threshold and couldn’t move past it. For a moment it seemed that the competition for the thinnest device title was over and smartphone makers focused on other features. Well, it’s not over. Better yet, you no longer have to pay extra money for extra slim body. Now the thinnest LTE smartphone in the US, the new BLU Vivo Air LTE, will cost you less than $200.

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