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Why you should not buy non-genuine phones from eBay or Craigslist

ByinAnnouncements | November 1, 2019

why you should not buy a non-genuine phones from eBay or Craigslist
We all love savings. This is why many of us tend to buy smartphones from online re-sellers who in most cases are easy on wallets and sell devices noticeably cheaper. In many cases, online sellers also enable access to phones unavailable in your local store. Such practices mean lost profits for authorized distributors and manufacturers but also big risk and a lot of inconveniences for potential users. Recent report says that in order to reduce the number of the Blackphone 2 handsets sold on the grey market, Silent Circle released a software update that disables non-genuine phones.

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Blackphone 2 goes official at MWC, meet the most secure Android phone

ByinAnnouncements | March 4, 2015

Blackphone 2While we may argue about the necessity of using a 100-megapixel camera in a phone or casing that changes color to match your mood, there is never too much when it comes to protecting privacy. There is no doubt, we rely on our phones to keep and share important private information. After all, they are supposed to be smart in every aspect. But so are those who are interested in gaining access to such information. Silent Circle, however, steps ahead and unveils a successor to the first generation BlackPhone introduced last year to make life harder for overly curious folks out there. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the BlackPhone 2, the most secure Android-based phone today.

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Silent Circle and Geeksphone launch Blackphone – the most secure Android phone today

ByinPhones Without Contract | February 25, 2014

Blackphone SecurityEven if you are not a conspiracy theory freak, you are probably aware of the fact that cell phones are not 100% secure. Within the last few years phones have become multi-purpose tools, used not only to trade recipes or comment on last night’s game, but also to conduct business through various channels such as the internet. For this reason, your phone contains loads of sensitive information and the threat of accessing them by unauthorized person or company is very real.

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