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Unlocked AT&T Blackberry Priv is now on sale $200 cheaper

ByinSales & Special Offers | April 19, 2016

Unlocked AT&T Blackberry Priv is now on sale
If you’ve been planning to buy the BlackBerry Priv, but you’ve been waiting for a special deal on it, you may finally got one. Right now you can grab the BlackBerry’s first Android-based phone significantly cheaper as Daily Steals slashed its price by 31 percent. If you want to take advantage of the promo, you need to act fast since the discount is a limited-time offer that lasts only for the next four days.

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Blackberry Priv has just got cheaper for good

ByinAnnouncements | April 7, 2016

Blackberry Priv just got cheaper for good
Introduced to the market in November 2015 the BlackBerry’s first Android-based smartphone has just received a noticeable price cut. Right now the Priv is within US customers’ reach for $649, including a $50 discount. Promised to be permanent the price reduction comes as the company’s way to raise the Priv’s sales which in the last quarter recorded the total of 600,000.

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Verizon Blackberry Priv is now on sale through carrier’s online store, coming to local dealers on March 11th

ByinAnnouncements | March 3, 2016

Blackberry Priv expands its availability and hits Verizon’s online offer
Verizon has just announced the Blackberry Priv to join their list of offering. The Big Red is the third carrier in the US to offer the very first Blackberry smartphone to work on Android OS. The phone is already available in the carrier’s online store, whereas on March 11 it will hit in-store sale. If you decide on buying the phone via Verizon, you may choose among installment plans or a full retail price of $720.

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T-Mobile Blackberry Priv is now available through online and carrier’s local stores

ByinAnnouncements | January 26, 2016

BlackBerry Priv is finally selling at T-Mobile
It rarely happens that a smartphone can be purchased right after its announcement. It can take anywhere between a couple of days and a few months to get the device and the carrier or retailer ready for sale. In the case of the BlackBerry Priv and T-Mobile it’s been three months almost to the day. The phone went official in October 2015 and earlier today it became available online and through carrier’s local stores.

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Blackberry gives up BB10 for Android, brings the Priv to T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon

ByinAnnouncements | January 8, 2016

In 2016 we won’t see any new BlackBerry OS phones
For years BlackBerry OS was the only software platform BlackBerry phones have to offer, naturally except the recently released BlackBerry Priv. However, this will change soon since the Canadian manufacturer announced to focus on launching Android-based smartphones. During an CES interview the company’s CEO John Chen shared the news that in 2016 we won’t see any new BlackBerry phones powered by its native software. Additionally, he also confirmed that so far reserved for AT&T, the BlackBerry Priv, will soon join T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint network.

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AT&T Blackberry Priv is now on sale in carrier’s store with Marshmallow update scheduled for next year

ByinAnnouncements | November 6, 2015

Blackberry Priv is on sale in AT&T store
While it doesn’t happen often, sometime carriers break their promises. It’s not the case with AT&T and the new BlackBerry Priv, though. The carrier promised that it would start selling the phone on November 6th and here it is. As expected, the AT&T BlackBerry Priv is now on sale in carrier’s store with Marshmallow update scheduled for next year.

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AT&T launches the new HTC One A9, brings BlackBerry Priv on November 6th

ByinAnnouncements | November 2, 2015

AT&T launches the new phone
If you are looking for a new Android phone, you might want to know that two such devices are on their way to AT&T. Actually, one is already available for purchase. AT&T just launched the new HTC One A9, and will bring the BlackBerry Priv on November 6th.

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Blackberry Priv Android smartphone fully revealed, ‘almost’ ready for pre-order in the US and Canada [update]

ByinLeaks & Rumors | October 22, 2015

BlackBerry Priv almost ready for pre-order
We have been hearing rumors claiming that Canadian manufacturer BlackBerry is getting ready to launch its first smartphone running an operating system different than BlackBerry for quite some time. At the beginning it might have been hard to believe but last month BlackBerry CEO John Chen officially confirmed that a device called BlackBerry Priv will ship with Android on board. However, he didn’t reveal any specifics regarding the phone’s specs or launch date. It turns out that we didn’t have to wait long for more information to emerge. The BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone finally has been fully revealed, and it’s ‘almost’ ready for pre-order in the US and Canada.

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Android BlackBerry Priv smartphone is coming to stores later this year

ByinAnnouncements | September 26, 2015

BlackBerry Phones
A certain BlackBerry-branded phone called Venice started showing up in rumors a few months ago and immediately caused a commotion. And for a very good reason, because the device is like no other, at least when it comes to phones made by BlackBerry. Initial rumors were scarce on the details but today we finally got to learn more, for instance that the first Android BlackBerry phone will be called Priv and will be coming to stores later this year, more likely right for the time of holiday shopping season.

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Blackberry may launch this fall a phone that runs Android OS

ByinLeaks & Rumors | June 13, 2015

Android Lollipop
If you follow the news from smart-tech world, you probably know that BlackBerry hit a rough patch a while back and has been struggling to regain its position on the market ever since. The Canadian manufacturer launched a few smartphones in the last couple of years, some of them more successful than others, however, it appears that the business is not doing so well. Could a new solution be of any help? Blackberry seems to think so – according to the latest rumors, this fall the company may launch a phone that runs Android OS.

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